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Ken Ulman Press Conference (Updated)

Posted by David Keelan on Thursday, November 2, 2006

I understand from Calvin Ball that Ken Ulman will be holding a press conference at 12PM tomorrow.  Calvin posted it on the HCAA board.  He is apparantly trying to help Ken get a big showing.

“…please join Ken Ulman and I Friday November 3, 2006 at noon …for a special announcement on the future of Downtown Columbia.”

Can anyone imagine what it could be about?

Let me guess the motivation behind a press conference the weekend before the election.  Mind you this is only guess work and rather cynical.

Being behind in the endorsement race, the backlash he is experiencing on The Real Chris and the associated mailers, the lack of very few positive moments from his campaign, the fiasco of his surrogates condemning Cynthia Coyle and Barbara Russell of the Columbia Association (which I witnessed this evening and will write about later), the recriminations the other democrats who dared to endorse Chris Merdon are experiencing at the hands of Ken’s supporters, the emails from Ken’s campaign imploring supporters to write to their friends to vote for Ken in order to prevent Chris from redrawing the new councilmatic districts (never mind it is the County Council’s responsibility), a campaign devoid of ideas, a campaign resorting to push polls “Do you plan to vote for Ken Ulman?  No?  Then are you supporting Chris Merdon’s plan for (fill in the blank).  Thank you.  Good bye”.  Seriously that is what you get if you say you don’t plan on voting for Ken.  They figure if you aren’t voting for Ken then they want to push you into the Wallis corner or depress Merdon turn out.

Alright, what do we know.  Ken and Calvin will be there.  It is about the future of downtown Columbia.  They are holding it on Friday probably hoping to make the Sunday papers and announcing it late so Merdon can’t respond with his own press conference (smart move).

It is my opinion that coming the weekend before the election they will be some real big ideas and new initiatives.  Being about downtown Columbia it could be anything related to the redevolpment (aka Ken’s big infill deal with General Growth), Merriweather (what else can he say that he hasn’t already said), or something to please one of his special interest endorsements?

Your thoughts?   Hurry up, we only have until 12 PM.


Ann wins the prize.  Thanks for playing.

The Baltimore Sun beat us to the 12PM deadline.

More Merriweather and Symphony Woods:  How noble.  He is recycling his old stuff.  He must think he can win on Columbia alone.  Problem here folks!!!!  The County doesn’t own either of these places.  He can’t convert it or rename it unless he plans to buy it.

He completely reversed himself on height restrictions and the number of housing units in Town Center.  Obviously this man is “a product of strong convictions and principles.”

Ulman calls this an evolution.  I call it catch up to Merdon I need to shore up my base in Columbia.

Hayduke is correct when he says “…Ulman is guided by bold principles and a strong vision for our future…”  Problem for Ken is that those principles and vision are Chris Merdon’s and now he if clearly following Merdon.

If I told you three years ago that by 2006 … Oh, never mind.


12 Responses to “Ken Ulman Press Conference (Updated)”

  1. MJT said

    I’ll bet that whatever he’s got planned will be outrageous enough to generate some free press for him.

    I hope Ulman realizes that gutter politics will make for a short political career. If he has to play this dirty to win local office, there’s little hope of generating enough goodwill to run for anything of greater significance. But there’s no turning back now…

  2. Numbersgirl said

    I thought press conferences were more Merdon’s thing than Ulman’s.

  3. John Lenin said

    I think he is going to announce that he is starting his own blog.

  4. Mikhail Gorbachev said

    If it’s under the people tree he must be endorsing Chris.

    Or, becoming Chris by maybe endorsing shorter buildings and less density.

  5. Ann said

    The “Me Too Kid” will announce building height restrictions in Columbia. The is in response to Merdon’s Save Columbia mailing, which addressed this very issue.

  6. hocomd said


    Me too. Apparantly Ken quit criticizing Merdon’s campaign and is now emulating Merdon’s campaign since Merdon is crushing him.


  7. Nanners said

    Well the singer Sheryl Crow was on our answering machine last night urging us to vote for Ken. Maybe Sheryl and Ken are singing a duet at 12pm.

  8. observer said

    You gotta love the endorsed by the sierra club placards he is now hanging on his signs. That is like saying I am officially endorsed by the Democratic Club. The sierra club is in the tank for the far left. This endorsement is meaningless, and just goes to show how partisan they are because they say Ken supports SLOW GROWTH. He is anything but slow growth. Ken is just trying to reverse course on his own record as a councilman, and steal Chris’s postions. Flip Flop Flip Flop, hey did John Kerry endorse Ken yet??

  9. Fran said


    You can’t really say that. The Dem in District 4 was not endorsed by the Sierra Club in the General! I would say that the Sierra Club is as moderate as the Sun/Patuxent Publishing Editors.

    Ouch! My tongue just pierced my cheek…

  10. observer said

    As far as the Sierra Club goes you are very wrong, they have involved themselves in the pro abortion movement at the national level. What does that even have to do with the environment? Much of their back up to promote their issues is junk science. For example, arsenic in MD’s drinking water is responsible for the high cancer rate. Not like it might have anything to do with the high smoking rate in this state. With regard to Sigaty, they reason they won’t endorse her is because she beat Feldmark and Ken Ulman is using his influence to punish her through this group. Wait until after the election and you may find out that Ulman and Feldmark have a whispering campaign out on her in support of her opponent Tom D’Asto. They would rather let him win and let Feldmark challenge him in four years than endorse Sigaty. You don’t know this group very well if you think they are moderate.

  11. observer said

    With regards to Ken’s press conference today, if he now wants to save the lakefront and symphony woods, nice time to get on board. Tom D’asto and Chris Merdon have been preaching this for months, Tom even before Chris. Just for the record, it was part of Ken’s charrette plans to move the CA headquarters to Symphony Woods and cut down the trees (endorsed by the Sierra Club, what a laugh),it was also in Ken’s charrette plan to put a mass transit station along the banks of the Little Patuxent River right in the floodplain, wetlands and other environmentally sensitive areas, Great idea! He got the endorsement of the Sierra Club? He wants to put another 30,000 plus cars into an urban grid street system, with cars idling in traffic for hours each day. That would be great for the air quality in Columbia. Does the Sierra Club know this? How about adding acres of pavement to an already developed area. Oil drippings, heavy metals from cars brake pads and liquids spilling out of exhaust pipes will really help clean up the streams and Cheaspeake waterways. Is this what the Sierra Club stands for? What about the Evergreens Condos and Governors Grant townhomes along Governor Warfield Pkwy? Let’s remember,was Ken councilman when they were built? Yes I think he was. Did he oppose cutting down trees then or did he side with the developers? (who specifically have given him $$$ by the way) Now he says he wants to put Gov. Warfield Parkway into a protective easement, why should we believe him now? and of course the moderate Sierra Club is endorsing him because he is good for the environment. Yeah right. Get an environemntal scientist to fact check my comments, he’ll agree with me.

  12. Ann said

    I am off topic here, but the “Me Too Kid” has struck again. He now has a truck like Merdon’s, check out his website.

    If Ulman becomes county exec, where is he going to get his ideas, the guy has imitated:

    Family Picnics (Merdon had the first one in May)
    Sign Waving (Now he’s doing it, he called it a distraction a few months ago)
    Press Conferences (He said Merdon’s were “Political Rhetoric”)
    “Ulman Mobile” (Merdon made news with his in the spring)
    Has “evolved” into a slow growth candidate, his words from the recent news article.

    Oh, I’m sorry, the smear campaign was an Ulman original!

    My goodness, will it ever end? He cracks me up!

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