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Campaigning by Email

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, November 3, 2006

The following email is from some one purporting to be Elvis Presley (a comment I got on Hayduke’s blog) or Diane Ulman (Ken’s mother). 

Mrs. Ulman is being a Mom and everyone would expect her to support her son.  I have no qualms about posting this because it is full of factual errors and misconceptions.

The County Executive doesn’t handle redistricting, or women’s rights issues.  Mrs. Ulman by all accounts is a lovely person.  I remember the great article about her in The View Newspapers and I said then that Ken was lucky to have such an eloquent spokesperson.  However, in this instance she must be misinformed or misled.

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4 Responses to “Campaigning by Email”

  1. Hayduke said

    From the way you told it, I thought there was going to be more. A fairly benign letter if you ask me. Certainly no worse than what has been said elsewhere, particularly on the blogs. And considering that she presumably wrote this to people she knows — rather than broadcasting it to all, like you did — I really can’t see how it’s a big deal.

    Say, did you hear about the political thuggery? I seem to recall a lot of anger about some damaged signs two years ago, but this involves personal property of real value. Some people might draw erroneous and inappropriate conclusions about the location. Me, I’ll just say it was unfortunate, because it was. I honestly don’t believe anyone from the campaign did it. But if they did, we’ve reached a new and disturbing low.

    Even just having a different viewpoint is now reason for slurs and vitriol in cyberspace and elsewhere. If the extension of this decline in civility is the destruction of an personal property, then we’ve reached a shameful state of affairs.

  2. hocomd said

    I whole heartedly agree. Destruction of personal property or campaign signs or other campaign materials is below the belt and should not be tolerated.

  3. Fran said

    Sounds like a typical political set-up…

  4. hocomd said


    Could be. I doubt it.

    Obviously it would be rather stupid to vandalize a car in your own parking lot. Who is everyone going to point fingers at first?

    There are a number of businesses in the same place. Also, a bunch of teenagers hangout around the building.

    I doubt we will ever find out who is responsible.

    Someone sent me a picture of an O’Malley sign made out to NO’Malley with spray paint and thought it would be funny to post on the blog. I refused on the basis that I am not going to encourage or condone that type of activity.

    Hayduke, if I find out if anyone in the campaign or working at GOP headquarters I will be the first to turn them in and post their name.

    Compared to two years ago this has been very mild – thankfully.

    As for the winds last week.  That has caused most of the damage – lets keep it that way.  A lot of signs were shredded or knocked down.  Did anyone notice that a lot of Ken’s are still down? What is with that?  The one on Rt 40 EC for example is flapping in the wind.  All it needs is a couple of nails.

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