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Ken Ulman’s Real Stand on Height Restrictions

Posted by David Keelan on Saturday, November 4, 2006

As reported in The Baltimore Sun:

Democratic candidate for Howard County executive Ken Ulman said yesterday that if elected Tuesday he would move to block construction of a 23-story lakefront tower in Columbia and impose a 14-story height limit on downtown buildings.

The two proposals are part of a broader plan Ulman was to announce at noon today at the lakefront for redirecting the process for developing Town Center.

Ulman said he decided to speak up now “when I saw this issue being made into a political football by my Republican opponent. I felt it was important to lay out exactly what my vision is.”  

On the contentious height issue, Ulman said: “The community’s voice has been loud and clear that a 23-story building has no place in our Town Center. As county executive, I will introduce a height limit for New Town Zoning to prohibit any building over 14 stories.”

That is a reversal of the position that Ulman took in August. 

Who is making this a political issue?  Hmmm.  In Ken’s own words over 2 months ago…


3 Responses to “Ken Ulman’s Real Stand on Height Restrictions”

  1. tomkidd said

    this talks about a law limiting all buildings, ken talked about the plaza in his statement. stop trying to distort positions for political advantage

  2. hocomd said


    Are you kidding? It is the same thing. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  3. observer said

    Ken has already approved the height of the new Plaza Towers referred to by some as the “Ulman Towers”. What, is he going to do, revoke their approval and building permits now? I smell a huge lawsuit coming the way of the County. Just one more bill for the tax payers to pay because Kenny doesn’t understand how to do his job. It is nice to know that after hearing 6 months of complaining from his constituents that he finally heard them. I guess only when his political career was on the line he decided to change his position. Wake up Howard County residents, this is exactly how he has always made decisions and exactly how he will if elected. Ken first, you next.

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