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Posted by David Keelan on Saturday, November 4, 2006

On November 8th I am going to turn this into The Howard County Maryland Restaurant Blog.

I hope to gain 50 lbs and free meals at some of Howard County’s best restaurants.

Seriously, I expect a slow day today, but I have  been wondering where are some of the best places to hang out in Howard County for food or beverages.

Drop a comment and include a URL.  Tell us what they serve, what the atmosphere is like, and why you go there.

For example, when I lived in Baltimore City my favorite place was The Brewers Art.  It is in an old townhouse on Charles Street that is almost practically original and beautiful.  They are a brew pub and have great beers of their own as well as a beer menu to die for.  The dinner and bar menus are great too.  An awesome place to hit before heading to the Meyerhoff.  They have a basement bar that is like a catacomb.  Low ceilings, brick walls, and it is all cut up into private spots.  Warning: They don’t serve Guinness.

I liked these places a lot too

The Cats Eye Pub – great music in a friendly dive on Thames Street in Fells Point.  Guinness on tap.

J. Patrick’s – Andre Street in Locust Point.  A true neighborhood dive popular with the Irish Community for their Thursday evening Irish dancing.  Sit down for a pint and some live Irish music might break out.  This place won’t last much longer as the owner is getting pretty old.  Don’t expect a fancy pub.  Expect really friendly people.

The Daily Grind on Thames Street in Fells point until they renovated it.


10 Responses to “Restaurant Blog”

  1. MBT said

    When did they move Fells Point to Howard County? 😉

    If you like Sushi, a new place that is fairly good is right here in Clarksville – on 10 Oaks road and 108: Kitana (410-531-9777) – I can’t locate a URL. Nice atmosphere, good service, a great variety of moderately priced sushi (mod. price for sushi of course), they have great box lunches and private rooms also available. Perhaps I’m just excited to have a decent retaurant in Clarksville!

  2. Hayduke said

    I’m a big fan of Frisco Grille off Dobbin Road. They have a great, rotating selection of craft beers on tap, including (usually) several Dogfish Head brews (my favorite). The staff is really friendly, especially the owners. And there’s also live music each weekend — for instance, my band on November 18.

    Oh, yeah, the food’s good too.

  3. Freemarket said

    This post was a good idea. I am a vegetarian, so it is no surprise that my favorite place is Great Sage in Clarksville. Their food is awesome, even if you typically eat dead animals. I don’t think they have a very large selection of beers, but I wouldn’t know because I am too cheap to buy beer at restaurants.

  4. Freemarket said

    Sorry, I forgot the URL:

  5. MBT said

    Freemarket – thanks for the post on the Sage – I live close and have never tried it – I will now!

  6. Nanners said

    Go anywhere but a chain.

  7. Jeff said

    Best Ribs ever better then Bar Bones.
    Johnny Star Rib Company
    4910 Waterloo Rd #C, Ellicott City, MD 21043

  8. Fran said

    It’s no surprise that Hayduke likes something that begins with “Frisco”…

  9. lisa rhodes said

    For Sushi, I ALWAYS go to Sushi Sono at Town Center lakefront–great food, fresh and super service.
    For a change from the chains, go to Historic Ellicott City-Main Street;
    Ellicott City Brew Pub will offer an old style brew house with a nice variety of beers. Tersiguels is a fantastic french restaurant for when you have a special occassion to go for (I had my rehersal dinner there) and La Palapa is a nice Mex restaurant that has mingling band that go table to table singing on the weekends (Weeeeee!!)

  10. Carrie F. said

    Hey David, I’m just curious if you’re still doing your restaurant blog? There is a new restaurant opening up in Laurel and I’d love to send you some information. Thanks.

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