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Ed C’s First Post

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, November 8, 2006

This is Ed C’s first post.  I am posting it for him at his request since his account with WordPress is in progress.

Thinking about the election I began to wonder how the voting results compared to party the registration numbers.

The Summary: In most cases, the Republican candidates did receive a greater percentage of votes than the percentage of registered Republicans for that voting district. However, because of the current numerical advantage of registered Democrats, we did not win any seats except where we had a registration advantage.

I realize that this is an imperfect comparison because we really need to see the party breakdowns of people that voted, but until the county releases those numbers this is the best that I could come up with.

The Details:

The tables that follow show the differences between percentages of the votes received compared to the party registration percentages.

The last column (Diff) is the difference between the percentages of votes minus the percentage of party affiliation for that race. Each race also shows the difference between the differences. Positive numbers show a break to Republicans, negative (red) show a break to the Democrats.

Voting results are from the results posted by the Howard County Board of Elections at 11/08/06 @ 1:53:24 and the party registration are derived from the voter registration data provided by the county BOE 10/27/06.

As for Legislative Districts I have not included the similar breakdown for 9A, 12A, 13 because the vote for X out of Y districts makes just c omparing the percentages invalid.  For example, there are 78103 registered Democrats, Republicans and Unaffiliated voters, but the votes cast count is 108007.  If someone can suggest a way to look at those numbers I’ll give it a try.



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