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LaRue Poyer, RIP

Posted by Jim Walsh on Friday, November 10, 2006

For those who may not have heard, LaRue Poyer passed away on 10/30/06 after a long bout with cancer. She is survived by her husband Charlie, five children and numerous grandchildren. The family had a private service.

LaRue was a long-time Howard County Republican activist and former member of the Republican Central Committee. I first met LaRue and her husband Charlie in 1984 when I attended a meeting of the Howard County Republican Club. They were tireless workers who helped build the Republican Party in Howard County and helped numerous candidates. She was enthusiastic, energetic and dedicated. She will be greatly missed.


4 Responses to “LaRue Poyer, RIP”

  1. Warren said

    I will miss Larue greatly! I first met her in 1987 working on the Howard County Dole campaign with Sandy Schrader. She quickly set me straight on volunteering and working hard for the party before running for office. I had been active in the state republican party, but because of Larue’s advice I worked that much harder on all of my political endeavors. Larue was a tireless worker for the Howard County party and had no problem telling anyone her point of view. I know from serving on the county central committee that Larue was the treasurer who watched every penny that was spent and treated the party’s funds with the greatest of care. Her energy, professionalism and hard work will be sorely missed!

    Warren Miller

  2. MBT said

    Amen to all Warren said. She sent the first donation to my current campaign. Knowing how she pinched pennies, I am honored.

    I’m sort of glad she didn’t live to see the results this year – she would have been heartbroken.

    Thanks David for posting this. Besides Chris Merdon’s request for a moment of silence in her honor at the rally, her passing almost got lost in the election craziness. Appreciate the reminder.

  3. MBT,

    Thanks for the thanks but the thanks goes to our new guest blogger Jim Walsh. Jim posted the tribute.


  4. MBT said

    apologies Jim – I’m not used to you sharing with us – welcome!

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