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I still feel like…

Posted by David Keelan on Saturday, November 11, 2006

…it is going to take a while to get over Tuesday night and move on.  Hocoterp put it best.  If anyone thinks they taught George Bush and the GOP congress a lesson by ignoring great local GOP candidates they are sadly mistaken.  That is what gets me more than anything.

However, we will lick our wounds and we will come out of our funk.  The GOP in Howard County is not going to be satisfied to sit on the sidelines for the next four years.  Already people are talking, strategizing and rebuilding.  Great ideas are emerging and a plan will be forthcoming.

It will be all about executing on that plan.

We can watch with cautious optimism over the next four years.  Our worst expectations are not necessarily going to materialize – it might actually be better than we think.  Regardless, we will be prepared to play the role of the loyal opposition and position ourselves for the next cycle in four years.

That means we need you to stay active, help formulate the plan, and help execute the plan.

If you were an active volunteer this year and haven’t joined the Howard County Republican Club do so today.  Join us for our next First Friday Happy Hour.  Misery loves company but at this happy hour we are going to shake off the funk and get excited about what needs to be done over the next four years.

We are not in the waste land.  There are a lot of exciting plans in the making so come out and be part of it.

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