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Lieberman Secretary of Defense

Posted by David Keelan on Sunday, November 12, 2006

Here is a rumor my father told me that he read in the Pittsburgh Tribune.

Secretary of Defense nominee Gates will not get by the new Senate.  President Bush nominates newly re-elected U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, that independent now scheduled to caucus with the Democrats in the 110th Congress, to succeed Donald Rumsfeld.

That allows Connecticut Gov. M. Jodi Rell, a Republican, to name a Republican senatorial successor. Which makes the upper chamber’s composition 50 Republicans, 49 Democrats and the Democrat-caucusing Socialist Bernie Sanders.

That would leave a tied Senate chamber, 50-50, with Vice President Dick Cheney as the Republican tie-breaker.

How likely is this to happen?  I am not taking bets Wordbones.  It is interesting speculation.

Read the entire column here.  By the way the writer is the same guy that Theresa Heinz b slapped in 2004.


9 Responses to “Lieberman Secretary of Defense”

  1. tomkidd said

    any idea on who the school board appointee can be? kaufman?

  2. Warren said

    Typically the nominee has to come from the same party, so I doubt the rumor….

  3. Warren, which nominee? Sec of Def or BoEd? Kaufman is a Dem.

  4. Ed C said

    I doubt that Joe would even consider taking the position. Right now his influence in the Senate is at a maximum. He can hold switching parties over both parties to get almost any concession he wants. After watching him on Meet the Press he seemed to be very low keyed about it, but the threat was there.

    My guess is that he stays right where he is. If McCain does not get the Republican nomination in ’08 and runs as a third party candidate, staying in the Senate allows Joe to leverage his newly refurbished independent status to run with McCain (Plus he gets to keep the Senate seat.) If he took the Secretary of Defense position he could still run with McCain, but he would have angered the left and any left-leaning moderates, support a third party candidacy would really need to win. (A third party run would probably guarantee another Clinton gets into the White House with 40% of the vote, but that’s probably a whole topic by itself.)

  5. One reason I don’t think this is a realistic possibility is more for geopolitical reasons. Not that it matters to me, but I can’t see how the United States can have someone who is a Jew running a war in the Middle East. The United States already has a PR problem in the Middle East, how would this look to the very people we are trying to win over?

    Also, I am not sure of the law in Connecticut, but if Lieberman leaves, does the Governor appoint his replacement? In this case, CT has a GOP Governor. If this is the law in CT, I don’t see the Democrats voting to confirm Lieberman knowing his confirmation would allow his seat to be taken over by a Republican and cost themselves the majority.

  6. Warren said

    To clarify (sorry) Governor Rell would have to appoint an independent to the Senate seat (typically same party as incumbent)

  7. Don M said

    The article in today’s Sun says that Kaufman isn’t interested in being reappointed again. Since we just had an election, it could be the 6th place finisher or anyone else the next CE picks.

    Timing is also tricky on this. It really depends on when Mary Kay Sigaty actually resigns. BOE members are sworn in on Dec 4 two hours before the new County Council is sworn in. Does a BOE appointee have to be approved by the County Council like other CE appointments? BOE officers are selected on Dec 14 before the next Council Meeting Dec 18.

  8. somebody said

    Vacancy on school board governed by sec. 3-701(d)(6) of the Education article of the maryland code:

    “… subject to the confirmation of the County Council, the County Executive … shall appoint … for remainder of … term …”

    so, depends on the time she resigns, but seems unlikely that current County Exec would fill vacancy both as a courtesy and as the current Council is done meeting

  9. Don M said

    So if the regular confirmation process is followed then the appointee could not be confirmed until the 12/18 Council Meeting at the earliest? Doesn’t there need to be an open Council hearing for all appointed positions? I think I am beginning to understand why some people thought it would be better for Mary Kay Sigaty to resign when she first announced she was running for County Council. This is sort of a very awkward situation as a County Council member confirming your School Board seat.
    I think Sigaty would have to abstain to avoid conflict of interest concerns.

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