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Bob Ehrlich’s 2010 Comeback

Posted by Jim Walsh on Monday, November 13, 2006

Bob Ehrlich’s initial comments to WBAL after the election seems to indicate that he may have written off his chances for any political comeback in Maryland, but I have not. Governor Ehrlich is only 49, and has plenty of time to revive his career. I have identified four races that Ehrlich might consider in 2010. At least two of these races could be influenced by whether or not Barbara Mikulski decides to seek re-election.

GOVERNOR – Right now this seems foolhardy, but a lot of things can happen in 4 years (as we well know). If, as I suspect, taxes and spending skyrocket, and/or if O’Malley stops construction of the ICC, enough voters might be persuaded that two-party government is a pretty good idea after all. In addition, maybe O’Malley doesn’t run for re-election.

COMPTROLLER – William Donald Schaefer showed how this office can be a bully pulpit and gives the office holder a powerful voice in State government. Presumably, Ehrlich would be facing incumbent Peter Franchot. Again, the viability of such a campaign could depend on Maryland’s fiscal situation in 2010.

U.S. SENATE – Barbara Mikulski will be 74 years old in 2010. Although that’s fairly elderly for a lot of people, it’s still middle-aged among Senators. Her decision on whether or not to run again will affect the governor’s race as well. If Mikulski decides not to run, O’Malley might be tempted to go for this race instead of seeking re-election as governor. Open Senate seats occur too rarely in Maryland, only every 20 years or so, and O’Malley might see Mikulski’s retirement as his prime opportunity for the U.S. Senate. In addition, there might be a lot of pressure on O’Malley to run for Senate to clear the way for Lt. Gov. Brown to run for governor. Lt. Gov. Brown might also be interested in the Senate seat himself, as might Lt. Gov. Steele.

BALTIMORE COUNTY EXECUTIVE – Jim Smith will be term-limited and so this would be an open seat in 2010. It remains to be seen whether Ehrlich would be willing to run for a local office, which would be seen as a demotion, but it could be the easiest way of reviving his political career. Of the four offices, this is probably the most winnable for Ehrlich in 2010. Assuming that he was elected in 2010, he could run for Senate in 2012 (against, presumably, Ben Cardin running for re-election) without risking his seat. If he was re-elected in 2014, he could take a shot at Senate in 2016 (for an open seat or against 80-year old Barbara Mikulski). Again, Michael Steele could also factor in any of Ehrlich’s future Senate plans.


2 Responses to “Bob Ehrlich’s 2010 Comeback”

  1. Steve said

    I am not going to second guess your thought but I think Ehrlich is a resident of Anne Arundel County therefore wouldnt be running for County Executive of Baltimore County. I agree Ehrlich is far from done and could very well win one of the seats you mentioned in 2010 or 2012. One has to wander but im sure that Ehrlich along with Steele and dont forget about John Leopold all 3 have to be talking with one another so they dont step on each others toes comes 2010.After the O Mallet tax and BGE debacle the state moderate and Ind. voters will not vote for O Malley in 2010. He is not a shoe on on 2010. Best case for O Malley is that McCain wins the White House and does a louzy job but if Liberal get into the WH and tax anything O Malle yand other Democrats could have a bad 2010.

  2. Vicki said

    Steve, someone should second guess your typing skills and/or knowledge of proper grammar. But, I digress … I would like to share why Bob Ehrlich can ALWAYS count on my vote. I have written to Bob Ehrlich 3 times over approximately a 15 year period. Each and every time, I received not only an actual response but actual results to whatever my concern, problem, or request may have been. One example occurred when he was still a congressman. I was having extreme difficulty with the deadbeat father of our 3 children, which were the result of a 10 year marriage. I wrote to Bob Ehrlich to ask for assistance, but mainly advice on how to navigate through the Baltimore County Child Support Enforcement Agency (yea right, they did not enforce him to do anything until Gov. Ehrlich got involved). He replied via snail mail with a letter that he signed himself, apologizing for the problems that I and my children incurred with a government agency that was developed to HELP the custodial parents, not the ABSENT parents. He then advised me with phone numbers and some buzz words to help get the ball rolling. Now, I am sure his staff assisted him with tracking down phone numbers and such. Not only did I receive a letter. I also received a phone call from the head of DHHR for Baltimore County/City, apologizing for everything we suffered through because of their inefficiency. I also received a follow-up letter from the congressman, informing me of what action he and his office took, and the outcome at the BCCSEA as well. Another example has to do with the Kendall and Bob Ehrlich radio show on WBAL AM 1090 on Saturday mornings. I emailed with a reaction to a particular caller, and also asked how I could obtain one of those “DON’T BLAME ME I VOTED FOR EHRLICH” bumper stickers. They replied of course, but being a busy single mom, my inbox gets quite full of emails. Anyway, after about a year, I discovered their email reply asking for my address. I replied a year later with the info. they needed. Within 2 weeks, I received a package containing 4 “BRING BACK EHRLICH” bumper stickers, and a very nice magazine-type brochure show casing the achievements of the Ehrlich/Steele administration. I have emailed our current governor since he took office. I have yet to receive a reply. I emailed him when he was all over the local news stations promoting his initiative to pass a bill to help Maryland homeowners who were facing foreclosure. I was in that boat not too long ago. He never responded. THAT is why Ehrlich deserves our votes.

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