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Welcome Cindy

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, November 13, 2006

Please join me in welcoming another guest writer to The Howard County Maryland Blog.

Cindy Vaillancourt – My family and I moved to HoCo in 2000.  We have also lived in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio and briefly in California.  I am currently politically homeless as I cannot identify with the current Republican or Democratic parties.  I am most accurately described as fiercely independent with a definite liberal bent and conservative sensibilities.  I am only interested in politics as it effects education and human/civil rights.  We have two children, a 16 year old and a twelve year old, and two dogs.


11 Responses to “Welcome Cindy”

  1. Freemarket said

    Cindy- Welcome. If you are only interested in politics as it affects education and human/civil rights, why do you not consider yourself Democrat or a Libertarian? I just want to understand where you are coming from.

  2. Or a republican?

  3. bsflag2007 said

    I cannot align myself with any of the current parties without too many uncomfortable twinges – like shoes that don’t fit.

    I grew up in Ohio where being a Republican means something completely different from being a Republican in North Carolina. I lived in Boston for several years where being a Democrat is completely different than being a Democrat in Maryland.

    I am probably more of a Lincoln Jeffersonian with a little Roosevelt (Eleanor that is).

    I cringe when the Democrats continue to be the “gang that can’t shoot straight” – and at the sanctimonious social hypocracy of the right-wing high-jacked Republicans.

    I believe in the right to bear arms – not as a means for personal protection, but as the founding fathers meant it…. as a means for free people to protect themselves from their own government gone bad.

    I believe in the right to choose – if you think abortion is a sin, then don’t have one — and until you’ve lived through the pregnancy from hell, don’t even try to tell me what I have to subject my body to,

    – I believe in the total separation of church and state, and I don’t care who you want to marry or sleep with (unless it is my husband)

    — I believe in paying my fair share (and then some) – but i abhor waste, corruption and stupidity,

    — I believe in organized labor but not when it is abusive (i grew up in Akron and watched labor unions drive the rubber business out of town – but am currently supported by union labor)

    there’s more — much of it seemingly contradictory — I probably should be a republican because I believe in limited government — but i should probably be a democrat because I believe that the government can be a force for more collective good than individuals can alone —

    but our current crop of republicans want to spend entirely too much energy micromanaging our personal lives, and the current batch of democrats are reaping the rewards of overly permissive and generous parents to ungrateful, unmotivated, spoiled children.

    I believe in Kharma and the laws of unintended consequences, acknowledging mistakes, saying I’m sorry, and trying new things (with reasonable preparation and research – until we find what works.)

    I do not believe one size fits all (or most), zero tolerance policies, or elitism.

    That’s where I am coming from.

    Cindy V.

  4. Freemarket said

    Great Scott! That is the longest string of rational thoughts I have seen on a blog!

  5. i’m sorry – i am incapable of sound bite communication.

  6. Freemarket said

    Don’t be sorry- I meant that as a compliment.

  7. thank you. cv

  8. Gwen said

    To Cindy and other independents – Check out
    I think you’ll find it interesting.


  9. MBT said

    Cynthia – welcome! Your posts should be very interesting – and I have to agree with Freemarket – very rational thingking indeed!

  10. Roger Lerner said

    Damn! It’s out: Cindy V. is one of the smartest people around, thinks clearly, writes like Holmes, and has limitless energy for good works. I guess Alan Dyer and I will have to do our own heavy lifting from now on ’cause she is plainly slated for bigger things. Write on! Cindy V.

    All the best,

    Landslide Lerner

  11. bsflag2007 said

    Thank you for the kind words Mr. Landslide. You are too kind.

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