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Ed Armanas RIP

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tonight I learned that Ed Armanas passed away after a long battle with cancer.  Ed was 59 years old.

When I first met Ed he was Vice Chairman of the Howard County Republican Party.  Later he successfully led the 2002 Ehrlich campaign in Howard County while running his own campaign for Howard County Sheriff.

In 2004 Ed helped to establish the Howard County Republican Hispanic Club.


Dear Friends,

Ed went to be with the Lord today at 12:30 PM with myself and his son and daughter by his side.

Over the last few weeks Ed began to slow down as the melanoma ran its course. This past weekend his behavior changed dramatically everyday, indicating that his time was short. He just wasn’t acting like the same old Ed.

He was admitted to St. Agnes Hospital Tuesday afternoon. Two hours before Ed’s passing today, St. Agnes called to tell us that he had taken a sudden turn for the worse that neither I, he, nor the doctor anticipated. Over the next two hours his condition deteriorated, but he reached a point where his breathing was slow and relaxed, and he seemed at peace. At 12:30 PM Ed died peacefully and pain free with us at his side.

Ed is now in a better place, joining his mother and brothers-in-law Richard and Chuck. He is surrounded by loved ones and they are enjoying his company once again. Although you and I will all miss Ed, please take comfort, as I have, in knowing that he is whole once again and is joyful.

We will hold a Celebration of Ed’s Life on Saturday November 18th at 12:00 NOON at Weber’s Funeral Home. The address is 5311 Edmondson Avenue in Catonsville.

Thank you for being with me on this journey. Your prayers and support have given me the strength I’ve needed to make it this far. I pray you’ll continue to keep me and our children in your prayers. May God bless all of you abundantly for your many kindnesses to Ed, me, Peter, and Eva.

Donna Armanas


3 Responses to “Ed Armanas RIP”

  1. Ed was the first person I talked to when I started to get involved with the Howard County Republicans. His number was the one listed in the Columbia Flier for an upcoming meeting and I called to find out about it and he invited me to a Bush-Cheney campaign organizational meeting back in early 2003.

    At the time, I knew nobody at the meeting. Of course now, I am deeply involved with the Republicans in Howard County and have met many new people…all because Ed convinced to come to that first meeting.

    Sad to hear the news….

  2. Jim Walsh said

    Ed will be truly missed. A dedicated volunteer, he was Mr. Phone Bank for the County GOP since 1994 (or perhaps even earlier).

  3. MBT said

    Dave W – I have a similar story. I always teased Ed about being at fault for getting me into the party. It has truly been a miserable few weeks, losing LaRue, the election, and now losing Ed. Both Howard County parties have lost some key people this past year. The Dems lost their chairwoman Wendy Fiedler last year to cancer.

    In the midst of this political season, it sure puts priorities straight.

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