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History Rewritten

Posted by David Keelan on Thursday, November 16, 2006

Excerpts from the Ulman Washington Post interview

Do you think the campaign went negative?

I don’t. I think that in any campaign, you point out differences in each other’s records. That’s healthy.

Pointing out the differences in records?  Ulman never ran a comparitive ad.  It was either “I am great” or “He is evil.”  He ran a negative campaign most of the time.

I’m thinking of the blogging that went on during the campaign.

I didn’t read that. And I told my family not to read that because of some of the really nasty things that were going on. Yeah, from that angle there were some things that shouldn’t have happened.

Specifically?  If he didn’t read it (as he states) then what is he talking about?

The bloggers were talking about the Web site that came up called, and they saw that as a negative tool. How did you view that?

That was talking about record. If folks on the other side are pointing those things out, then they need to look in the mirror.

Let me ask again, If he didn’t read it (as he states) then what is he talking about?

Record?  How about lies and distortions and innuendo.  How about hiding your involvement in the site?  My god.  History is being rewritten already.  I am happy to look in the mirror and would have no problem looking Mr. Ulman in the eyes if he wanted to discuss it.  Somehow I doubt the opportunity will ever present itself.  This guy’s campaign was 75% negative, 20% stretch, and 5% intimidation.

It is interesting that the reporter asked these questions in the first place.  Did they notice the negativity too?  ThePost put the questions at the top of the interview so I think the answer is yes.

Is he oblivious or just talking to the newspaper?  I am sure he is very proud of the campaign strategies he has employed since 2002.  Just remember, what goes around comes around.


One Response to “History Rewritten”

  1. Anyone but Ulman said

    I disagree. Ulman actually was a Clinton staffer, Secretary of the Cabinet and Glendening’s Director of the Board of Public Works!

    And Merdon was an evil son of a jackal who would have killed us all!

    Or so I read on the internet!

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