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Michael Steele’s Next Career – Radio?

Posted by Ed C on Saturday, November 18, 2006

Robert Novak writes that Michael Steele is being advised not to seek or accept a Cabinet post. Instead:

While losing for the U.S. Senate, Steele attracted favorable attention across the country as an eloquent African-American Republican. Bush political strategists have told Steele a high-ranking post in the administration’s last two years would curb his independence and cramp his style. Instead, they advised, he could be “a black Rush Limbaugh.”

On the Bruce Elliott (WBAL 1090 AM) show they announced that Mike will be on the air Saturday the 25th from 9:00 – 10:00 AM. Is this a tryout? Just kidding – but I’m looking forward to what he has to say.


3 Responses to “Michael Steele’s Next Career – Radio?”

  1. bsflag2007 said

    Why would Michael Steele want to be the “black rush limbaugh”?

    Rush Limbaugh is an “entertainer”. Michael Steele is a serious pubic servant, isn’t he? (that’s not sarcasm)

    Cindy V.

  2. Freemarket said

    Michael Steele is a heck of a nice guy. I met him a few weeks before the election in West Friendship and shook his hand. He was more than happy to chat it up and pose for photos. It was clear that he takes the public seriously. I think Cardin was a better choice for Maryland, but I really hope Steele hangs around in the public service arena.

  3. Cabinet post? Hooking up with a candidate for 2008? I don’t see him going anywhere. Maybe a job in the private sector waiting it out for 2008?

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