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Thanksgiving Open Thread

Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A blessed holiday to you and yours.



8 Responses to “Thanksgiving Open Thread”

  1. bsflag2007 said

    which one is the biggest turkey? ;))

  2. I was wondering who would be the first with that comment. Cindy wins the prize.

  3. bsflag2007 said

    “The birds, bred for their meaty breasts, quickly grow too heavy to move themselves around, and usually die before the next Thanksgiving. Last year’s winner and its understudy, also pardoned by Bush, were no exception. Billed as the ‘Happiest Turkey on Earth’ at last year’s Disneyland Thanksgiving Day Parade, where it was honorary grand marshal, both ‘Marshmallow’ and its sidekick ‘Yam’ already have passed away, of natural causes, according to a spokeswoman for Disneyland.”
    (shamelessly plaigerized from some other blog) – but interesting.
    this is something that is not bush’s fault

  4. Freemarket said

    I hate to sound like a hippie, but it is so obvious that the meat industry has waged a very successful propaganda campaign on the American people. Despite meat and meat production being nutritionally unnecessary, bad for the environment, and terrible for the animals reared in factory farms, there are still people who insist on eating it. There was a time in history when eating meat was necessary to survive. In some places, far from civilization, eating meat is still necessary to survive. For the overwhelming majority of the country, the demand for meat has been maintained through industry propaganda like this. For most people, this photo op with Bush will be the only turkey they see this year. Why no photos from inside the slaughterhouse or the factory farm?

  5. jen said

    And don’t forget all the chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics that are wreaking havoc on meat eaters. We wonder about the increase in breast cancer, and we know that hormones are tied to higher incidences… and we continue to belly up to the Big Mac and Chicken Tender bar. If you gotta eat meat- at least go organic. If you don’t believe me- read this Business Week article:

  6. MBT said

    Give me those steaks and chicken legs please!

    What about the chemicals, hormones and other assorted goodies that you get in veggies (in the interest of full disclosrue, I am a big veggie eater too!)? (BTW – water is a chemical too – H2O)

    Soy beans are full of phytoestrogens – similar to estrogens – some folks say they are good for you, some not.

    All those poisons in your apple peels? many of them are naturally occuring to keep bugs out.

    Eating meat does not send you to the grave any faster. Eating mostly meat and no veggies will (including high fat and high sodium foods). Diets high in sugar will also cause an untimely departure – and the last I checked, sugar was a plant-derived substance.

    If folks wish to be vegitarians – so be it, but leave the rest of us alone to die in our filet mignons in peace! 🙂

  7. Freemarket said

    I am not a vegetarian for health reasons, although that is a nice added benefit. I believe that animals have moral rights. Therefore, I don’t think that we humans should eat animals just to please our palates. Animals evolved in the same manner we did, they exhibit similar reactions to physical stimuli that we do, so it seems reasonable to think that animals have a similar sense of self awareness and self interest that humans do. If humans have moral rights (and I believe we do) then animals must have them as well. I have never heard a good argument that humans have moral rights but animals don’t. If anybody thinks they have one, I’d love to see it.

  8. cashwebter said

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