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County Executive Transition

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I received this email from current County Councilman Guy Guzzone who is serving as the lead on Ken Ulman’s transition team.  I didn’t know I was on his distribution list, but I appreciate the information.  This is also posted on the County web site

Members of County Executive-elect Ken Ulman’s transition team will hold a public input session on Wednesday, December 6th at 7:30 pm in the Banneker Room of the George Howard Building, 3430 Courthouse Drive, Ellicott City. The nine member committee will use the forum to gather insight from the community as they move forward in preparing their final report for the incoming Executive. The input session will be televised live on Gtv, Comcast channel 70.

You can read the rest on the County web site (link above) Additionally, Mr. Ulman has appointed his two men to two of his top posts.  From the Sun

Lonnie Robbins, a 17-year Howard County official, is Ulman’s choice for chief administrative officer — a $154,000 post and the county’s top appointed position. Robbins, 56, of Ellicott City, is a deputy administrative officer under retiring Raquel Sanudo, but his promotion, starting Jan. 3, makes him the first African-American to hold such a prominent county government post.

Aaron Greenfield, chief executive officer of Anne Arundel County’s Economic Development Corp., is to be Ulman’s chief of staff, though technically, he will take Robbins’ current title at a salary of $150,000. He is to start Tuesday.

Greenfield, 35, of Lutherville, is a 1990 Howard High School graduate who worked for nearly four years as an assistant city solicitor for Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley’s administration, followed by a short stint as associate corporate counsel at 1st Mariner Bancorp, and as executive director of the Maryland Business Council. He took the Anne Arundel job in March and has been helping to plan for local growth tied to the U.S. military’s base realignment and closure.

I don’t know anything about these men.  However, as far as Mr. Greenfield is concerned, aside from the personal connection, it seems as though Mr. Ulman is trying to create ties to the O’Malley administration given Mr. Greenfield’s experience with O’Malley’s adminsitration in Baltimore City, and his experience with 1st Mariner Bank.  Ed Hale is the CEO and a strong supporter of O’Malley’s.

5 Responses to “County Executive Transition”

  1. MBT said

    It is interesting that I did not recieve this information – I wonder how many Republican candidates did? And, oh yes, I KNOW Mr. Guzzone knows who I am!

    Perhaps we would be inconvenient guests?

  2. bsflag2007 said

    I don’t think anyone know “who I am” — but I also received, via some kind of email list I must be on, notice of this meeting. As I understand it, it is open to the public – which (with elected officials other than Pres. Bush) means both democrats and republicans.
    Cindy V.

  3. MBT said

    cv – my post was intended to be a light comment.

  4. bsflag2007 said

    me too. 🙂

    On an even lighter note – I get invitations to some pretty diverse events…. I often wonder where some of these folks get their mailing lists – though the recent evite to a WWE “classics” reception has been a clue ….

    now If I could just figure out why the viagra people and the sex addicts anonymous people continue to fight over me….


  5. Anyone but Ulman said

    At least Ulman is compensating for his (cough-cough) “experience” by appointing someone with actual, verifiable positions on their resume.

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