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St. Paul Follow Up

Posted by David Keelan on Saturday, December 2, 2006

Hmmm. Could the disturbing events at St. Paul – Minneapolis been more disturbing that we may have originally thought?

The article from suggests it was a dry run for a future attack.

Reading through this story you will note that it claim that there were multiple reasons the captain of the flight decided to call the authorities and have these men removed from the flight.

And that seat belt extender.  What ever became of that item….?


One Response to “St. Paul Follow Up”

  1. What may be “tests” to the security systems at airports (and other potential targets) are a more commen than we know. the airlines file “irregularity reports” when seemingly random, but even slightly sispicious thing happen.

    Remember several months ago when a small airport in West Virginia was shut down for several hours when a woman carrying a water bottle tested positive for some kind of nitro/explosive traces?

    The reported official conclusion was that it was no big deal — but the known facts belie that official statement. The woman was detained, she did not continue her trip after she was “checked out”. The airport was closed for several hours. Sounds like there was something more than a suspicion that needed to be checked out and was dismissed.

    It is more likely it was a suspected “test” to the airport security.

    Most of the side show that has become the public face of airport security is just that, a side show. The real safety precautions are the human intelligence, observations, actions — I don’t know how comforting that is… but there hasn[t been a hijacking since 9/11 in the USA.

    Cindy Vaillancourt

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