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Calvin Ball for Chairman

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, December 4, 2006

The Baltimore Sun says that “Ball seems likely choice as council chairman“.

They are probably right.  However, I think Courtney Watson would make an excellent Chairman too.  If she were to pursue the position I think she could persuade Mary Kay Sigitay to support her bid.  That would leave the tie breaking vote to Greg Fox.

As the lone Republican Greg would find himself in a very enviable position.

My view of the Council is that we have three voting blocks.  Ball and Terresa, Watson and Sigitay, and Fox.  I think with the democrats split along those lines Greg Fox will have more influence than most people originally thought.

Despite the disparaging remarks directed at Greg during the primary – he has the skills to negotiate the halls of County Council.

Updated:I think Calvin Ball will be elected Chairman.  Not much doubt in my mind about that.  I hope he distinguishes himself in the role.  With Guy Guzzone off to the House of Delegates Calvin Ball might actually be able to act as his own person rather than suffer under the undue influence of Mssrs. Guzzone and Ulman. 

Since Mr. Ulman will now be occupying a suite of offices on the 3rd floor Mr. Ball might find it difficult to avoid Mr. Ulman’s patronizing. I can hear it now:

“Now, now Calvin.  After all I am the County Executive and have 4, count them 4, years of Council experience.  Besides Calvin, now I have hired my best friend to make up for my lack of executive and management experience so I will still have plenty of time to direct err help you.  What is that Calvin?  Never mind how much I am paying him.  Remember it costs a lot of money to make me look good and my opponents look bad.  Now just get the bill passed in the new council that authorizes his position.  What Calvin!  Don’t worry how much money it will cost Calvin!  This is a quality of life issue for God’s sake.  No Calvin, not MY quality of life!  Do you want to be Chairman or not?”

If Calvin Ball can not demonstrate his independence and distinguish himself then I don’t think he will be able to pull what Guy Guzzone did – three years as Chairman.  If the other council members (save one) see Calvin Ball continuing to do the bidding of Ken Ulman – he is out after 12 months.  That would be the best outcome for Calvin because it moves him out of the limelight for the next three years, and gives him time to repair his image as a lackey so he can win re-election in 2010.

In the end this could be what some people are counting on.  Let Calvin continue to exercisebad judgement.  ie: continues to propose bad legislation, challenges the recently passed senior tax cut as a surrogate for Ken Ulman, etc. and let him remove himself from relevancy.

The County Council will be sworn in this evening at Centennial High School at 7PM – maybe I will see you there.


13 Responses to “Calvin Ball for Chairman”

  1. Steve Fine said

    The fantasy sequence is mean, nasty, unfair, inaccurate and without any redeeming qualities.

  2. But it was fun …

    I should be glad you didn’t call me a gasbag, or vile, or a so called white christian, or a scumbag, or intellectual nerd, or… well you get the point Steve.

  3. oh… I forgot one. Crooked Thug!

  4. Is Slick Kenny Gone Yet? said

    Actually that sounds a lot like Ken Ulman. Read his interviews and website. He seems to think that he has a ton of experience.

    Inaccurate would be to call yourself “a Clinton staffer” when you really interned at the White House for a summer. Or “Secretary of the Cabinet” and so on.

    Nasty would be “” and sending out a mailer linking Merdon to Bush’s failed Iraq policy.

    As someone mentioned Howard County is in good shape. All Ulman needs to do is not screw up. Hopefully he will keep his ego in check.

  5. numbersgirl said

    Slick Kenny-

    You do realize, that at this stage of the game, your statements are hardly intelligible and ring of poor sportsmanship.

    We all had our chance to air our opinions, get out and vote, and the results are in, have been in, and are history at this point.

    Your continued character attacks on charges which were not deemed substantiated by a majority of the voters is just sad at this point. Take a deep breath and move on.

  6. To Numbersgirl said

    The truth is different that a “character attack”

    Since when do the “majority of voters” determine what is substantiated?

    So Nixon being re-elected meant his involvement in covering up the Watergate break-in was unsubstantiated?

  7. bsflag2007 said

    I only wish election results were an indication of considered decisions by an informed electorate.

    I took a very brief survey of HoCo voters (parents at a basketball game) …. all of them voted, but none had heard the questions about Mr.Ulman’s resume.

    And to be perfectly honest, none were particularly interested in it —- the overwhelming sense was “someone might have padded a resume? is that a surprise?”

    Cindy V.

  8. HoCo Native said

    I agree with “To Numbersgirl” – the resume issue is fair until it is addressed by Ulman.

    Turning around and saying “Merdon is a lobbyist” almost sounds like an admission to me. Sort of like: “everyone is doing it so I will too.”

  9. Freemarket said

    What is the issue here? Clearly there is more to it than allegations of resume padding. I recall a Baltimore Sun article prior to the election that investigated the resume issue. The voters took that into consideration and still went with Ulman by a wide margin. Why is there a lynch mob after Ulman, and why is the resume question at the top of the agenda? If he pisses off more than the majority of the voters, he will be out in four years. In the meantime, show a little respect for an elected official and stick to issue based criticism.

  10. bsflag2007 said

    I think freemarket is right- the resume padding issue is a symptom, not the disease.

    The thing is – the question for many people seems to be how far this particular symptom is likely to spread.

    If the line items on a resume have been embellished – what else will be embellished? Can we ever take anything at face value once we’ve had to wade through “creative license”?

    But then – how much should we ever take completely at “face value” from the government? Shouldn’t we always be reading with a critical eye?

    Since the election is over – maybe it would be more productive to use the resume as a warning flag and just make sure we stay on our toes?

    Cindy V.

  11. To Freemarket said

    The resume issue was not addressed fully. There was one article, which also included the “Merdon is a lobbyist” counter-claim by Ulman. As Cindy V. pointed out, most people weren’t aware that he padded his resume.

    He continued to pad his resume AFTER the article as well, with the claim of being a Clinton White House staffer on his mailer 3 days before Election Day.

    Saying that, because he was elected (due to anti-Bush sentiment, not due to his vast experience), we should forget about his deceptions is wrong. Tom Delay was elected after his indiscretions.

  12. Freemarket said

    The reason there was one article is because no one gives a rat’s ass. You are talking about 2 sentences on his website that may have been embellished. I recall he had a business card that said that he was “Director of the Board of Public Works”. Glendenning said that Ulman was there and did his job. What the heck do you want? Are you disappointed that it was not the leading story in the New York Times? Do you want him to resign? Seriously, “person of many different names”, the Ulman roasting that you are constantly perpetuating on this blog over resume issues is getting old. Criticize him all you want, but find something substantive to do it on.


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