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How to win in Iraq – Powerpoint Presentation

Posted by Ed C on Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sunday on Meet the Press, Newt Gingrich video here, (transcript here) talked about a PowerPoint presentation by Captain Travis Patriquin:

…But Captain Travis Patriquin. P-A-T-R-I-Q-U-I-N. He did a stick figure briefing on how to win in Al Anbar and it will break your heart. Because he said, ‘Look, there are sheiks in Al Anbar who’ve been the local power structure for 1300 years and they know how to run the place. They know how to track down the, the, the bad guys. They know what to do.

You can see the presentation in a PDF here.

Captain Patriquin was killed in Iraq on Dec 6th. This presentation seems to be making the rounds and a quick search turns up quite a few references. I found the post at Blackfive to have a good summary of this man’s talents. (and some of the comments are from people that knew him.)

Newt had a wide ranging interview and gave a good account of himself. Like him or hate him, he does present a good argument. I don’t know if he can overcome his high negatives, but if he runs for President I believe that he will really raise the level of the debate.


One Response to “How to win in Iraq – Powerpoint Presentation”

  1. Ed, I agree. I love Newt and I do believe that he will raise the level of debate in the GOP primary. In my opinion he won’t ever be President. Good post.

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