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The Great Democrat Hope

Posted by bsflag2007 on Thursday, December 28, 2006

John Edwards has officially announced his candidacy for the 2008 Presidential race.

The Democrats now have an opportunity to choose to run a candidate who could win.

With no disrespect intended to Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama – I don’t think (at this time) either of them could win. They would make interesting candidates, and spark interesting debate.  But that is not the same thing as winning.

I assume Mr. Obama is a hardworking, well meaning, smart, dedicated individual. Though his resume is still alittle short. Mrs. Clinton is an undoubtedly hard working, talented, smart, dedicated indidvidual. Perhaps her resume is a little too long.

Maybe the dream ticket (right now) would be Edwards/Obama…. though I fear racism and ignorance in this country is still a determining factor, stealthy though it may be. In fact, Mr. Obama may be “mistaken” for an “immigrant” (code for middle eastern descent) – so he has potentially hit the “anti” tri-fecta…. anti-youth, anti-black, anti-arab.

I cannot imagine what Mrs. Clinton could do to cure her own tri-fecta of projected ignorance. Female, Bill Clinton, liberal. She is a polarizing figure – and the “great middle” of America doesn’t much care for polarization —-( George Bush sneaked through with the “compassionate conservative” marketing line, and the promise to do what is right and not quibble over legal technicalities, neither of which turned out to be quite accurate ).  She can be attacked on too many fronts, legitimately policy related and superficially hate-based.

So, with Mr. Edwards, I am cautiously optimistic that the Democratic Party appears to have a viable candidate stepping forward who might have the wherewithall to carry the nation in 2008.  He is smart, poised, experienced – but not too entrenched in DC.  Let the games begin..

Cindy Vaillancourt


9 Responses to “The Great Democrat Hope”

  1. Jim Walsh said

    You’re overlooking Edwards’ background as a slick trial lawyer. If there’s anything the country likes less than an Arab immigrant female liberal, it’s a trial lawyer.

  2. I think I may have a different view of “slick lawyers” that you. Mr. Edwards is pretty slick, imho, very smooth, melodious even. That does worry me a little – think “anti-christ”… however, let me address the “slick lawyer” thing.
    In the early 90’s my family lived in North Carolina (Edawards stomping grounds) in a neighborhood with a community pool – not unlike Columbia Assoc. pools. A horrific incident occurred in another similar neighborhood kiddie pool. A very little girl, under the watchful eye of her parents, paddled happily around. All was well until the earth shattering screams erupted. Her parents jumped in to see what was wrong but could not lift her out of the pool. She was “stuck” to the bottom of the pool. As it turned out her intestined were being sucked oout of her body through her anus by the pool filter. It took several minutes for a pool worker to figure out how to turn off the compressor.
    At some point some child had removed the filter cover, and when the little girl got sucked onto it – it pulled her insides out.
    Sad case? Sure. Accident? Well, define accident.
    Mr. Edwards was the attorney for the family. It turned out that this horrible event was not an isolated instance – but had occurred a number of times before with fatal consequences.
    The pool company knew about the problem and had devised a “fix” which the pool maintenance company had not implemented. In fact, very few pools had made the minot changes necessary to protect the little kids.
    The little girl from Raleigh survived, but without intestines and will need expensive care for the rest of her life. Mr. Edwards got a settlement for the little girl’s future care — and pool manufacturers and maintenance companies to fix the problem.

    For those who like to get their news from late night comedians, or snide news clips — this was just another case of a greedy lawyer making pools cost more —- but for the $1.60 in screws that needed to be replaced — several children died and more were maimed by a known design flaw.
    I’d like to know why the first few kids who died did not have lawyers like Mr. Edwards to follow up on the problem.

    Next time you take your kid to a pool you assume is safe —- you might be safe in that assumption becasue of Mr. Edwards.
    Cindy V.

  3. I don’t agree Cindy. Although I am keeping an open mind on both sides. Right now I like Gov. Richardson (D) New Mexico and Rudy.

  4. bsflag2007 said

    I like Governor Richards a lot — I don’t the Rudy can win and would be a drag on a ticket. So, from my perspective — let the republicans add Rudy to their ticket — probably #2.

    Cindy V.

  5. bsflag2007 said

    What don’t you agree with? cindy v.

  6. I don’t agree that Edwards adds anything of value to the democratic primary or can win in the general election.

  7. bsflag2007 said

    maybe that is the winning trait – not being too much of a democrat — more of a centerist/populist/thinking person.

  8. Exactly why I am interested in Bill Richardson. Strong domestic and foreign policy credentials. He is from the Southwest (fastest growing part of the US). He is Hispanic (fastest growing demographic). He is liberal enough to win the primary and moderate enough to win in the general election. He is a much better option to Hilary and Obama.

    Obama is a flash in the pan. When the fight starts he will be the emperor without clothing as will Edwards. Hilary will remain the person to beat, but in the end will loose because she isn’t electable in the General Election. Democrats won’t pull another John Kerry.

    Bill Richardson – a very likeable person. Look at me. I am the “conservative hack” and I like the man.

  9. cynthia vaillancourt said

    I like how he always seems to need a haircut — the whole blow dried/hairsprayed look gives me the willies.


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