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Bush Warns Democrats?

Posted by David Keelan on Thursday, January 4, 2007

I guess this is for those who believe I never criticize the GOP.

The headline in the Washington Time today “Bush warns Democrats on stalemate” got my attention.  It seemed obvious what the article was going to say and it didn’t dissapoint me. 

Essentially President Bush is

“urging Democrats to cut pork-barrel spending in half and telling them they will take the blame for stalemenat if they send him bills he has to veto.”

Come on.  In six years President Bush has been threatening vetos over spending.  He came through on one veto in the past six years.  One veto.  Now after failing to reign in the GOP congress he thinks he can reign in the Democratic congress.  This is nothing but political hype.

I have said before that President Bush let the GOP congress have its way so they would let him have his way.  He did not instill or insist on fiscal discipline.  He watched as the GOP congress behaved like a bunch of high school kids on an overnight field trip without any adult supervision.  I know, the President doesn’t run congress, but the President has veto power and he could have used it more often instead of throwing empty threats at the GOP.

Like a bunch of unsupervised high school kids on an overnight field trip the GOP congress went too far.  The trip was canceled.  The school board suspended the kids and wondered what were the parents thinking allowing the kids to go unsupervised.

Now we are hearing the same thing except this time it is a Democratic congress.  Does President Bush mean what he says?  I don’t know but in my mind he lost credibility on fiscal discipline by letting the drunk sailors loose for six years.

If Bush is trying to help the GOP reclaim the mantle of fiscal discipline he has a difficult job ahead of him.  Mr. President, actions speak louder than words.  If you really expect fiscal discipline then pull out that dusty veto pen and get ready to use it otherwise I don’t want to hear it anymore.


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