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Council Compromise

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, January 5, 2007

Congratulations to the Howard County Council for reaching a compromise on the purpose and scope of the task force that will review the Senior Tax cut that was passed last year.

As originally conceived the task force had a monumental job to do in order to report back to the County Council with a recommendation on how or if to proceed with the Senior Tax cut.  Breaking this into two phases gives time for an adequate review and not a rush job.

“Separating the task force’s work into two phases would help relieve the time pressures on the group.”

As the Baltimore Sun reported:

Recommendations on how large a property tax cut Howard County’s oldest homeowners should get and who should qualify will be the short-term focus of a new citizens task force.

County Council officials are rushing to get a 15-member group chosen and operating in time to make an interim report to the council by Feb. 22 — in time to affect July’s tax bills.

In a compromise unanimously adopted by the five County Council members this week, the task force would then continue to study the law and issue a final report in November.

Without the compromise we may not have had a task force to review this tax cut.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I think the tax cut should stay in place as it is written today.  However, the story here is that the County Council has shown that they can work with one another and come to concensus.  The alternative is that someone might have come up empty handed.

Congratulations again to the County Council for finding common ground instead of gridlock and congratulations to Chairman Calvin Ball for willing to listen to compromise.

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