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How To Eliminate Govt Debt

Posted by bsflag2007 on Tuesday, January 9, 2007

My grandfather was a hoot. Watching television with him was a particular treat – especially the cowboy flicks he enjoyed so much. It was the original “interactive video” —- as he yelled at the screen telling the good guy where the bad guys were. “He’s behind the rock!!!!”. If only Gene or Roy could hear him….

Flash forward to today. CNN was on in the other room and something dramatic seemed to be happening. So I stopped what I was doing and watched for a few minutes. The talking head in Atlanta said – “let’s just listen”…. Their reporter was LIVE! from Iraq, with a camera rolling and guns firing and the good guys looking for the bad guys who were somewhere out there behind the “rocks”.

And then we saw it! There’s a bad guy! He’s behind the Starbucks!

We were watching an actual battle from our living room (again), and we could see where the shots were coming from….that’s when I got my great idea.

Although I am television and video game culturally clueless – I am fairly well versed on the economics of commercials, pay per view, interactive gaming, and text messaging (as the one who pays the bills). In a nutshell – it is expensive/lucrative.

We should “capitalize” on this wonderful opportunity — we are capitalists aren’t we?

Here’s what we do. We sell the equipment (limit available hardware to build the hype and get people to wait on line all night) – and charge a fee to play interactive war with the troops on the streets in Iraq. Extra fees for continuous feed from cameras perched on roof tops— premium fees for feeds from satellites. Charge per word of text messaging your battle plans to the commanders on the field.

Pay per view opportunities could be available- along with extra charges for email and cell phone alerts – for major campaigns or covert ops (like the recent Somalia attack).

Now, we have already missed the “mother of all pay per view” opportunities. A lot of money was left on the table by leaving the Sadam Hussein hanging in the hands of amateurs. But there will be others — Osama is still out there ….

Corporate sponsors will pay big bucks to have their logos on the uniforms. Charge for product placement opportunities. Heck – maybe then we could afford to outfit the guys with body armor — Body Armor by Under Armor!

Disney could orchestrate the photo-ops (that whole tearing down of the Sadam Hussein statue could have been staged a little more effectively) and pay for the merchandising rights to the photos and statuettes.

And why aren’t “we” getting a cut of the screenplays and movie rights?

Yea boy, there’s money to be made from all this infotainment.

Cindy V.


2 Responses to “How To Eliminate Govt Debt”

  1. cindy vaillancourt said

    In today’s Baltimore Sun (1/10),0,2049191.story?coll=bal-home-headlinesBetter armor lacking for new troops in Iraq
    By David Wood
    Sun reporter
    Originally published January 10, 2007
    WASHINGTON // The thousands of troops that President Bush is expected to order to Iraq will join the fight largely without the protection of the latest armored vehicles that withstand bomb blasts far better than the Humvees in wide use, military officers said.

    Remember when Rumsfeld said “you don’t go to war with the army you wish you had….”

    Why Not?

    If it is worth doing, isn’t it worth doing right?

    If it isn’t “worth” providing the most protective gear available – is it worth doing?

    We hear so many people (politicians, commentators, blow-hards) standing on the shoulders of the troops – ranting to “respect the troops” – using the notion of the valor and sacrifice of “the troops” even as an argument to continue the war — and yet we don’t actually supply the troops with the available technology and equipment to protect them?


  2. Adrielle said

    ( spam (

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