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AA County Exec Requests Fast Track For Rt 175 Widening

Posted by Ed C on Thursday, January 18, 2007

From WBAL:

In a letter to Governor O’Malley, Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold requested that the timetable for the widening of Route 175 in Anne Arundel County be accelerated to deal with increased traffic that is expected along Route 175 due to base realignment and closure.

“This road-widening project is a top transportation priority in Anne Arundel County and is vital to help us prepare for BRAC’S explosive growth,” said County Executive Leopold in the letter.

Leopold’s request is to put the widening on the same schedule as BRAC expansion. The current plan has BRAC expansion in 2011 while the 175 project is currently scheduled to be completed in 2013.  One would hope that they can complete the road work before the expansion so that we don’t have increased traffic that also has to fight construction.


2 Responses to “AA County Exec Requests Fast Track For Rt 175 Widening”

  1. cynthia vaillancourt said

    The following falls into the “present company excluded” category.

    It is stunning that with the congested metropolitan areas of DC and Baltimore so close to HoCo that more people are not more protective of the quality of life issues stemming from traffic and parking.

    You’d think people who avoid going to those places because of the traffic/hassle factor – and the ones who must negotiate that mess – spending hours of their lives they will never get back just to get to work – would be demanding better planning for “home” to make sure “home” doesn’t become a traffic and parking nightmare.

    Are the “people in charge” so provincial that they don’t appreciate the luxury of having reasonable access and flow in their daily lives — a relatively painless 15 minute door to door commute in their own town?

    The “if we don’t build it they won’t come” theory of road construction and public services has proved a failure.

    Just in the past 6 or 7 years the situations on 32 west of 29, (and 29 between 5-7pm) have turned the relaxed Howard County “suburban life” into a fond memory.

    Lesson to take from history —- like Ed says — Build the roads first —- the people are coming anyway.

    cindy v.

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