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The Democrat’s Best Hope in 2008

Posted by David Keelan on Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bill Richardson

After years of freelancing his diplomatic skills from the unlikely position as governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson is taking the first step toward a bid to become president and put his skills to work in the White House.

 Move over Hilary and Obama.

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    4 Responses to “The Democrat’s Best Hope in 2008”

    1. Worst Energy Secretary said

      Richardson is a good Governor, but was a lousy Energy Secretary. Ask anyone in the DOE. Also remember the DOE’s problems during his tenure.

      Still he will be formidable.

    2. cindy vaillancourt said

      I agree Richardson has possiblities – and as far as his tenure at DOE, as tempting as it is to hold those in charge accountable for the failures under their watch (and I do)— it is also important to remember that no one operates in a vacuum (not even GWB).

      Richardson was a supporting player with a role to play — at a time and place in recent history with little support for reform from the power players or the American People.

      Until the “people” get on board — even a visionary leader can only get so far.

      cindy v.

    3. Valleri said

      It’s spring of 2008 and now that Bill Richardson is out of the race, as if he was ever in it, he’s backing Obama, the turncoat. If it hadn’t been for Bill Clinton, he’d still be in New Mexico. My grandmother, a New Mexico native, would be ashamed of him. Barack Obama is a bright man who will be better suited to the highest office in the land after more experience in the senate.
      Watching Larry King this evening reminds me that former Gov. Richardson has to get his face out there because he has no job after his failed cabinet attempts and a lackluster presidential campaign.
      If the guy ever runs for national office again, I’ll be out there campaigning against him. He goes whichever way the wind blows.

    4. General Zod said

      Bill Richardson is still in New Mexico.

      Richardson was involved in public service long before the Clinton Administration. Personally I think it’s arrogant to assume that the Clintons made Bill Richardson.

      I started supporting Richardson’s campaign in February 07′ and I had the opportunity to meet him at a fundraiser in Baltimore.

      Once Richardson dropped out of the race my wife and I gravitated towards Obama and I was happy to see that Richardson endorsed him.

      Gov. Richardson owes the Clintons nothing.

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