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Thank God for Good Neighbors

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, January 22, 2007

I have been blessed with good neighbors all of my life.  When I read stories like this I know that my neighbors have been a Godsend.

…an eight-year feud that has spawned more than a dozen criminal cases and required more than 100 visits to their street by Howard County police… [this fued has persisted] since 1999, and the animosity between the two couples began before their virtually identical homes were constructed.

At the risk of being sued let me add this.

Aside from animosity running wild have these people given any thought to the more pressing needs of the community?  Have they any comprehension that the police might have better things to do?

The silver lining here is that (as reported) this has not escallated into a physical confrontation and perhaps the police presence has been responsible for that.  I don’t know.


One Response to “Thank God for Good Neighbors”

  1. bsflag2007 said

    Calling the police “on your neighbor” is a move that has unanticipated emotional repercussions – and ought to be reserved for truly egregious criminal or dangerous behavior.

    Along the lines of my rule of thumb for deciding debates (whichever side needs complete silence and everyone’s undivided attention to speak is probably wrong) – I have come to believe the individual who calls the police in a trivial squabble is probably wrong (and likely embarrassed) and desperate for some “authority” to take their “side” and “declare them right”.

    Just this past Haloween we had a neighbor overreact to a teenage visitor’s costume and props (pretend blood on a button down collar shirt and a bladeless/disabled chain saw).

    AFTER accosting him and ordering him out of the neighborhood (a guest at my home who was IN my yard) she stormed into my home and announced she was calling the police.

    The poor kid she was yelling at (being a nice kid) immediately got in his car and left — though he was not familiar with the neighborhood (had followed my daughter home from school) and got lost in the labyrnth of streets. Frightened and lost he called for directions and I went to retrieve him.

    On the way back we ran into the police on their way to my home. The policeman just shook his head and said “I figured it was something ridiculous…it is halloween”.

    My children were initially upset with me for not taking a more forceful stand with the overwrought neighbor — I apologized to her any distress my guest caused her or her children. Another life lesson in how unsatisfying the high road can be in the short term.

    However irrepairably damaged our previous friendship may be, our neighborly interactions continue to be cordial. Judging by her rather sheepish demeanor since, I suspect once she calmed down a certain well deserved embarrassment set in. I’ll confess to enjoying it.

    Cindy Vaillancourt

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