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The Ostrich – Official Symbol of Dems. In Annapolis?

Posted by Ed C on Wednesday, January 24, 2007

From the Examiner Miller warns budget crunch could force special session next year

What seems to be a theme here – Management by crisis or putting of today what will be a bigger problem tomorrow. Well, today we have Senate President Mike Miller warning that lawmakers may need a special session to deal with projected budget deficits; a special session that will be held in the summer of 2008. Yes, 2008, roughly 18 months from now.

I’ll just skip over the “fiscally responsible” budget proposed by Gov O’Malley. The budget that uses $967,000,000.00 from the state piggy bank called the rainy day fund. Never mind low unemployment of 3.9% in Dec 2006, 18th in the Nation, record tax revenues – it’s raining cats and dogs out there.

The Democrats like to throw around the state’s “structural deficit.” and talk about the looming crisis that they all see coming. The problem is that they could cut (or maybe just freeze) spending or they can raise taxes. Either option will be “unpopular” so, why solve the problem today? Kick the can down the road some more. No reason to do anything this session. Probably can’t get it in next session. No, we’ll wait for 18 months and then call an emergency session. That way we can wring our hands and rush those unpopular proposals through and claim we were forced into it, we had no choice.

Note: For the sake of accuracy I was going to suggest that they adopt the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal as a mascot instead of perpetuating the ostrich myth, but I could not find a good picture of one (Thank you Douglas Adams)


2 Responses to “The Ostrich – Official Symbol of Dems. In Annapolis?”

  1. hocoterp said

    Ed does a good job picking up on the “management by crisis” theme so I want to bring up two other trends.

    The first is what seems to be the transformation of the exceedingly rare special session into something ordinary and to be expected. A quick glance at the MGA website shows records of legislative sessions from 1996 to the present. From 1996 until 2003 not a single special session was called. There have been two special sessions since 2004 and according to Mike Miller another one is on it’s way. A reliance on special sessions to conduct what should be regular business does not bode well for the state and it is evidence of “management by crisis.”

    The second observation is what is going on with Mike Miller? First, after just being re-elected, he announces four years ahead of time that he’s not going to run for re-election again. Now he’s predicting a special session in 2008, when the 2007 session is just underway and there is all of the 2008 session to get through. I can’t make any predictions here, but I wonder if Miller’s got some crystal ball he’s gazing in to.

  2. MBT said

    Ed C – a fitting analogy! Perhaps for the uninitiated, you could say what said beastie is…

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