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Six Local Bills Approved by Howard County State Legislators

Posted by Ed C on Saturday, January 27, 2007

As reported in the Baltimore Sun Howard hopeful on state funding and a follow up to Park Funding, and Tax Credits, and Machetes. Oh my!

The Howard County State Delegation met on Wednesday and passed 6 of the 18 bills awaiting action. Keeping the numbers from the earlier post, the six bills that passed unanimously are:

1. Robinson Nature Center Bond Funding ($500 K)
2. North Laurel Community Center Bond Funding ($500 K)
3. Blandair Regional Park Funding ($500 K)
4. Historic Main Street Ellicott City Parking Garage ($500 K)
6. Property Tax Credit for properties jointly owner with HoCo Housing Commission
7. HoCo Annual Report Filing Date

Here’s what remains:

5. Zoning Regulations – Administrative Proceedings
8. Organic Beer / Wine Liquor License
9. Carrying Machete – Prohibited Hours
10. Local Aggregation of Public Utilities (withdrawn)
11. Union Service Representation Fee
12. Board of Education – Qualifications and Election of Student Member
13. County Superintendent of Schools – Termination of Contract
14. Auxiliary Police Officers Workers Compensation
15. Aging in Place Act – Senior Tax Credit

Apparently, some bills have been added to the agenda since the Jan hearing and will be discussed at the Feb 8th hearing:

16 Bond funding for the private Norbel School ($250,000)
17,18 Bargaining rights and expanded worker compensation for county sheriff’s deputies.

Each of the 6 bills must now pass the full General Assembly, but according to the Baltimore Sun, “though that is often perfunctory as a matter of local courtesy.” The delegation will meet Wednesday to consider the other bills.

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