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And the Survey Says….

Posted by bsflag2007 on Sunday, February 11, 2007

Remember that old game show  (family feud)? The contestants got points based on how accurately they guess the “most popular” answer from the “survey”.
County election administrator Betty L. Nordaas should have gotten the BLARING HORN At Thursday night’s annual public hearing at the George Howard Building with her “guess” that “85 to 90 percent of voters are quite happy [with electronic voting] and feel it’s secure.”

There is no way this “statistic” is even remotely valid. Not a chance. ZERO. EEHHHEHEHHEHEHH!!!!!!!!!

There may be compelling arguments about cost, and rushing into expensive programs – but if those arguments are based on the same quality of research and evidence as the “voters are happy and feel secure” statement then let me get my checkbook out now…. I’ll contribute to resurrecting the optical scan inventory myself —– but I want a new administrator , the current contestant’s credibility is shot.

Cindy Vaillancourt

2 Responses to “And the Survey Says….”

  1. hocoterp said

    I’ve been following the electronic voting debate for a while, but I’m a little confused about one of the central issues. My question is not whether the current electronic voting system needs to be improved (it does), but rather, what should be done to implement a secure and reliable voting system in a timely manner that doesn’t break the bank. CV wants the optical scan back, and I’ve heard that mentioned elsewhere, but is that really getting serious consideration in Annapolis? I thought the talk of implementing a voter verified paper trail meant upgrading/modifying the electronic voting systems, but still using some form of an electronic voting system. I’d appreciate it if someone could clarify.

  2. bsflag2007 said

    I have no problem with a modification to the electronic machines that ends up with a verifiable paper trail — though the truth is the electronic machines have not been a bright shiny success on their own (apart from the paper trail issue).

    I believe the folks who argue that it would be silly to rush into purchasing a whole new system are correct too.

    I find it hard to understand the original “rush” to buy the whole diebold system which had huge red flags from the start.
    The lack of a paper trail was always an issue for me – but from the beginning there were serious software/prgramming questions both in how tamper proof and reliable they would be — and the significant obstacles in addressing any issues which might come up due to Diebold’s insistance of proprietary secrecy etc.

    There may be a better solution for the long run than the optical scan machines – but until any other option is fully vetted it is my suggestion that we resist the temptation to try to fix the problem by throwing money at it– or worse, stick with the new purchase just because we have sunk money into it.


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