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Michael Flynn RIP

Posted by David Keelan on Thursday, March 1, 2007

Rushing to our places of work, our kids soccer games, to school, to the store, the doctor.  We do these and much more with ease and the notion that this is what our lives are supposed to be.  Perhaps they are supposed to be this way.  We are blessed that we can afford the cars and the gasoline that get us back and forth to those engagements that occupy so much of our time.  We are blessed that we have the luxury of the time to flit back and forth while others can’t afford a moment away from work, or from scrounging for their next meal.

Some people struggle with work.  Moving from job to job, attempting to climb the corporate ladder for their own betterment or the betterment of their family.  Work is filled with confrontation, problem solving, and even friends and satisfaction.  Some people struggle to find work.  Some find work and keep it though it isn’t satisfying because they have greater obligations such as their families and their children.

This is a cause of real stress in most people’s lives.

Is all this just a distraction?  It is important isn’t it?  It part of the economic engine.  It is part of our social fabric.  It is how we raise our families.  We are preparing our children and we are preparing for our own retirement.  It must be good since everyone is doing it (those who can afford to anyway).  These are the reasons we wake up in the morning, right?

When and why do we contemplate these things?  Is their a trigger?  Like when someone dies?  Isn’t that like a warning sign?  Like a pain shooting down your left arm is a possible sign of a heart attack?  Would we ignore that?  When a friend or family member dies do we mourn and during that process examine these questions and then move on without thinking about these questions until the next close person dies?

Michael Flynn died yesterday, February 28, 2007.  His wife and children were with him.

Mike was well liked.  He worked hard all his life, raised a family, drove the kids to school, he played with his children when they were young, and bought them their first pints of Guinness when they turned 21.  He ran around like the rest of us and prepared for a comfortable retirement.  He was a long time resident of the Font Hill neighborhood in Ellicott City.  He was the Chairman of the Baltimore St. Patrick Parade for the three years preceeding my service in the same position.  I was Mike’s Vice Chairman.  Mike was a long time member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and mentored many new members including me.  This IS Mike Flynn, but their is so much more to tell you about Mike Flynn.

Where do I start?  Aren’t we all struggling to tell that story?  We are more than appendages to our cars and office chairs – to ourselves and hopefully at least one other person.

Mike was the kind of guy everyone liked.  He was a big man, and his laugh and sense of humor were twice as big as he was.  He loved his Guinness, and he loved traveling to Ireland which he did as often as he could.  Those in the community would ask, “Where is Flynn?” and the response would likely be “He is in Ireland.” to which we would reply “Again!”.  Mike was an avid golfer and I am sad I never played a round with him.

He was patient and kind and a friend to all.

Mostly he loved his family.  Stories of his twin grandsons were always poised on his lips ready to be told to the first person that asked about them.

While we run around, get angry at the person driving next to us on the road, curse the TV or our least like politico, run around and do our errands, and take care of the necessities of our lives we must remind ourselves… It is worth it.  We are more than this.  We are father, mother, son, or daughter to someone.  We will be missed when we are gone.  People will write about us in their diary or on a blog when we pass away. 

You know that peron in the car that just cut you off – they are the same.  Maybe they are just bad drivers.  Do we think about that when we get angry or do we just think about getting angry?

We are creatures of God and creators in our own right.  The impression we leave behind will be much much larger than a carbon foot print or a sum of everything we consumed while we were here.  We will be remembered for our contributions, our kindnesses to others, some of our mistakes, our influence on others, were we easily angered…  Those things will carry on and on for generations that proceed us because we imprint our behavior on the people around us and the most easily influenced are our children.

Do we want to be remembered for being angry or for something much more than that?  Mike Flynn will not be remembered for being angry.  Mike will be remembered for a long time.

I was always said if life were a contest then the person who dies with the most friends wins.  Right now, Mike Flynn is the person to beat.


One Response to “Michael Flynn RIP”

  1. jim adams said


    Well written, honest and from your heart. You were a good friend, and because of that you may have lost a friend, but you have gained precious memories and the wisdom that these events give us.

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