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Scooter Libby Guilty

Posted by bsflag2007 on Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The verdicts are in – and Scooter Libby has been found guilty of all but one of the pending charges (guilty of obstruction of justice, lying to the FBI).

Without going into the whole issue of a grown man going by the name “scooter” in his professional life, I am pleased to see the verdict.

Many people like to rant about how silly it is for the upper echelon of law enforcement to “waste” time on things like “lying” – but whether it is Martha Stewart, or Bill Clinton, or “Scooter”, or the President or the Vice President – I do not consider it a waste of time or resources.

It is simply not OK to “lie” – even if you claim ignorance or stupidity later – to avoid the repercussions for your other misdeeds.

Every parent has had “the speech” with his child —- “lying only makes it worse….” or “I’m not mad that you broke the (fill in the blank), But I am angry and disappointed that you lied to me about it.”

Gee I’m sick of grown ups in positions of power and influence who need remedial parenting.

Cindy Vaillancourt


2 Responses to “Scooter Libby Guilty”

  1. Not Just Lying... said

    Perjury is more than just a lie. Our judicial system is based on the quest for the truth. When people conceal or evade the truth, they can undermine the entire system. That’s why we have the oath, etc.

    Bill Clinton committed perjury by lying under oath and was disbarred.

    Thanks to effective spin and an internet bubble which kept the American populace fat and happy, Clinton’s version was “I only lied about my relationship with Monica Lewinsky” which was “personal in nature” according to him.

    Because Paula Jones’ lawsuit was sexual harrassment, evidence of an affair with an intern would have been highly relevant.

    Anyone who commits perjury to evade criminal charges should be assumed guilty on the underlying charge.

  2. bsflag2007 said

    Dear Lying,

    While I agree with you on the special importance of lying in the judicial system and how it undermines the integrity of the system —- I do not allow for the technical distinction when it comes to public officials (or my children for that matter).

    While “lying” or intentional misleading, or omitting important info, or otherwise “beating the devil around the bush” may not land one in jail – as perjury might – it is still, nevertheless, wrong and destructive to the fabric of society and should not be tolerated in public or private business.

    cindy v.

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