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Happy St. Patrick Day

Posted by David Keelan on Sunday, March 11, 2007

I know it is a week early but today, March 11th, the Baltimore St. Patrick Day will step off from the Washington Monument in Mt. Vernon Square at 2pm.   It will parade down Charles Street, turn left at Pratt Street and end at Market Place.  What a perfect day for it.  Some reports say it will hit 60 degrees today.

Looking for something to do this lazy Sunday afternoon?  Head on out for the parade.  Get there early enough to catch the start of the 5K race.  There will be lots of people, colorful bands, interesting vehicles, and a lot of Irish pride to exhibit.

At 1:15 pm the Kelly St. Patrick Parade Shamrock 5k starts just up the street from Mick O’Shea’s Irish Pub and just down the Street from the Washington Monument.  It too will race down Charles Street but cross over Pratt Street on the way to Key Highway and snakes its way back to Pratt Street via Light Street to also end at Market Place.  This is a great run in that it follows most of the parade route and the runners race through a crowd of 75,000 or more spectators.  My old boss still runs this race and he says to have so many people cheering you on it makes him feel like he is running in the olympics.  The race hit a milestone this year.  They have over 3,500 registered runners.  That clearly makes it the second largest 5K in the State.After years or organizing and marching in the parade I am keeping a comittment I made to myself which is to run in the race by 2007.  I am ready for it too.  I have new running shoes, my bib number, timing chip, and my kilt.  Yes, I am running in my kilt (no I will not be posting before and after photographs).  It is a Monaghan plaid for those of you who know enough to ask.  I don’t expect to win any prizes given this is the first foot race I have been in since 1978.  If I can beat my brother-in-law today that will make me happy.  He and I are running with three other people as a kind of mini team.  Any runners out there who want to run as a team next year?I used to always watch the race start.  One year I caught it running past Pratt Street and I tell you it was like watching a freight train roll by.

If you are going.

Getting There:

Drive in via Rte 40 from Ellicott City.  Park west of Cathedral Street and prepare to walk.  This may be inconvenient but it will make for a quick exit back to Howard County later on.

If a quick exit isn’t important and you plan to hang out with the crowds afterward then take 395 into the city, turn left on Conway and park at the lot at Conway and Light Street.

Best places to watch:

From Mick O’Shea’s Irish Pub.  Mike O’Shea has his own reviewing stand and every year manages to get a copy of the official parade manual to announce the participants.  There is a great party going on and this is mostly for those how can stand a large and loud but fun crowd.

I think the pedestrian bridges over Pratt Street are great places to watch the parade.

Also, across from the reviewing stand at the Verizon Building. 

What to bring.

A folding chair, a blanket, and friends.


2 Responses to “Happy St. Patrick Day”

  1. Freemarket said

    You had a very respectable finish time, David. Way to go!

  2. Thanks Freemarket. I surprised myself. I stuck with my brother in law up until the 2 mile marker then he pulled away and finished 45 seconds ahead of me. I got a lot of comments on the kilt and caught a couple of women trying to take a peak underneath – silly people.

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