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Let’s Play Guess the Party.

Posted by Ed C on Thursday, March 22, 2007

We have two stories from the home page of the Examiner under Maryland News that deal with corruption / ethics violations with elected representatives. Let ‘s see if we can tell what party the individuals belong.

Exhibit 1:

Ethics committee recommends censure for GOP lawmaker

The House Ethics Committee voted Wednesday to recommend censure for a Republican lawmaker who pleaded guilty in a domestic violence incident that followed a traffic stop involving suspected drunken driving.

Exhibit 2:

Public corruption case against ex-senator concerns lawmakers

Lawmakers have known for more than a year that their former colleague – the once-powerful Thomas Bromwell who headed the Senate Finance Committee – was in trouble after being indicted in a federal public corruption probe alleging influence-peddling.

Well, the first case is pretty easy. Obviously, the first one deals with a Republican. It’s in the headline and the again in the first paragraph. The second? Hmmm. Not in the headline, not in the first paragraph. Well, let’s start counting paragraphs 1, 2, 3… Damn, now I have to take off my shoes … 11, 12,.. 25. Yep at the 25th paragraph (out of 29 paragraphs in the story) we see:

Bromwell, a Democrat who represented Baltimore County in the Senate from 1983 until 2002, and his wife Mary Pat are charged in an alleged racketeering scheme involving minority contracting fraud while he was in office. They have pleaded not guilty.

Rather than make some snarky comment about media bias, I’m just going to assume that there really is an underlying rationale for this. How about:

When a Republican has an ethical problem it is such a rare occurrence that it needs to be stated right up front that the offending individual is not a Democrat. When it happens to be a Democrat? Well, that’s just to be expected, the natural way they do business and should be assumed unless told otherwise.

Works for me.

Let’s see if it works for the Sun

I’m a rainmaker
On FBI wiretaps released yesterday, Thomas L. Bromwell spoke candidly about the influence he wielded
Indicted former state Sen. Thomas L. Bromwell Sr. freely boasted of wielding his political power to influence some of Maryland’s most prominent institutions in order to benefit himself and his friends, according to hundreds of pages of transcribed secret recordings made public yesterday.

Not in the headline or the first paragraph. Lets count. ~63 paragraphs, almost 2000 words – and nowhere do they say he is a Democrat. I guess it is just to be assumed.



3 Responses to “Let’s Play Guess the Party.”

  1. cindy vaillancourt said

    Oh my!

    How about this “explanation” — the party is “power” is not only a majority (statistically more people to do bad things) — and in the driver’s seat — more opportunity to peddle influence, or abuse power or other bad acts that involve poweer and office.

    On the state level in MD, one might expect to find more democrats behaving badly — and on the recent national scene, we have republicans behaving badly, abusing power and position – and generally undermining the fabric of the republic.

    dem or rep – power corrupts without adequate checks and balances.

    our current white house seems to have been working diligently to remove that obstacle, though.

    cindy v

  2. hocoterp said

    Maybe the Sun thought everyone in Annapolis is a Democrat and it would be redundant to mention Bromwell’s party.

    It is also implied in the first paragraph that Bromwell is a Democrat. It says “the once-powerful Thomas Bromwell who headed the Senate Finance Committee.” Does anyone know the last time a Republican chaired a committee in Annapolis?

  3. hocoterp said

    I’m sorry, the Bromwell article was from the Examiner, not the Sun. I don’t mean to libel the Sun. It’s paper speaks for itself.

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