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Grade Inflation – a new twist

Posted by bsflag2007 on Friday, March 30, 2007

OK, I know this is not HoCo politics – though if you squint just a little bit, and I stretch it a little, I could probably make a connection….. like HoCo has some of the same problems with grade inflation rampant around the country and how miserable it makes it to be a student who takes appropriately challenging classes with teachers who make them work hard and actually earn good grades….

But check this out -(from msnbc) BATON ROUGE, La. – A Louisiana school system must pay more than $1.4 million to an English teacher who was suspended and demoted after refusing to change the D’s and F’s she gave to 70 percent of her students, a federal jury has found.

Now I imagine there are some knee jerk reactions out there of “hey, good for her – if the little brats flunked, then give’em an f” —- I suppose that could be true. Though what kind of a grade should the teacher earn if 70% of her students failed her class…. maybe she was the problem?

Of course there’s more to this story – like this is the only class these kids were failing (I suppose ALL the other teachers were too easy on them) and the administration apparently behaved badly in threatening the teacher with crummy duty if she refused to change the grades —- or maybe it was an out of control jury?

Since I give more credit to the jury system than the popular culture – I’m not going to blame them — I’ll assume either the administration behaved sooo badly that its’ actions overshadowed the teacher’s incompetence — or the school system’s attorney was not as good as the teacher’s attorney (maybe HCPSS lent out ours).

In any event — when 70% of the students, who are not failing all their other classes, fail …. I have to think the problem is with the teacher.

CIndy Vaillancourt


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