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President Nancy Pelosi?

Posted by David Keelan on Thursday, April 5, 2007

Maybe Secretary of State.

Anyway, when I saw that the Speaker was traveling to the Middle East I really didn’t think much of it – at first.  I certainly didn’t understand President Bush’s concerns either.  I kept thinking about it and thinking about it.  What could she do?  Start a war with Dubai?

Then the flap in Syria when she misrepresented statements from Israel’s Prime Minister Olmert.  Treating Assad like he was the queen of the ball instead of the fiend even the Post agrees that he is.  I just rolled my eyes – she doesn’t make foreign policy and she is just making an #$$ of herself I thought to myself.  I wondered “What do these people think of her?”  I think she is in over her head in foreign policy and the Israeli government was very kind to her in their response to Pelosi’s “break through peace deal”.  She meets privately with Olmert for the first time in her life and walks away with a foreign policy break through – hooray!  She must have had loads of her staff negotiating with Israel and Syria for the last three months.

Then the Washington Post put it into perspective for me.

The Speaker of the House is two heartbeats away from the oval office.  What they say and do matters – a lot.  Perhaps Bush had an idea of what Pelosi was up to.  Maybe he was concerned about her inexperience in foreign affairs.  Maybe he was trying to protect the rights of the Executive Branch – after all the Executive is responsible for foreign relations and not either chamber in Congress.

As the Washington Post said:

HOUSE SPEAKER Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) offered an excellent demonstration yesterday of why members of Congress should not attempt to supplant the secretary of state when traveling abroad.

Granted other members of congress have made similar trip even very recently.  But as the Post reminds us:

…those other congressmen didn’t try to introduce a new U.S. diplomatic initiative in the Middle East. “We came in friendship, hope, and determined that the road to Damascus is a road to peace,” Ms. Pelosi grandly declared.

You have to read the rest of the editorial.  It is scathing.  The sense is that Mrs. Pelosi is full of herself at the moment. 

After coming off of a major legislative victory (funding the “war on terror” with an expiration date) she must feel pretty good.  Never mind she had to bribe 1/2 of her party members with pork projects (business as usual – somethings will never change) to squeak by a victory, had to put down a minor revolt in her party (congratulations), and she hasn’t enough clout/bribes to muster a veto override.  Soon the fruits of this victory will turn to ashes in her mouth.

Speaker Pelosi is going to be a major stumbling block for Democratic Congressional and Presidential hopefuls in 2008 until she comes back down to earth, gets some practical work done, is careful about what she (as speaker of the house) says in diplomatic circles, or better yet leave it to the professionals.


5 Responses to “President Nancy Pelosi?”

  1. cindy vaillancourt said

    I want to defend our new Democratic Speaker of the House – I want to root for the team (fellow females) — I want to see the democrats do a better job than the republicans have for the past several years…. i really, really do.

    But I just don’t get her either.

    cindy v.

  2. jim adams said

    David you may be right on the money, but I would like to offer a different thought.

    Years ago as a Controller in a semi-large hospital I used a management style referred to as walk around management. I used this method because after hours of conversation with my boss I felt he knew all there was about hospital regulations, policies and procedures, but he didn’t understand how to get the hospital out of the red and make it solvent financially. I didn’t either, To find the answers I did not go to department heads, nor the auditors, but to the people doing the day to day work, the ones on the front line (grassroots). It was what I learned from these employees that resulted in us collecting 3/4’s of a million dollars from Medicare within a week,and from what I learned, we changed the responsibilities of a few people and within a month had a positive cash flow.

    It was all about communication.

    If those in charge of the military hospitals would have walked around the hospital halls, we would not have the Walter Reed mess.

    It is all about communication.

    I voted for Bush, but it is my belief he will go down as one of the worst presidents we have ever had. He doesn’t know what is going on and those around him have too much to gain by keeping him in the dark.

    It is all about communication.

    Last night I watched Al Gore on cspan 2. The man knows what he is talking about with the enviroment, not just from the green side, but from the business side, and the religious side as well
    Bush didn’t even want to go to Kyoto to talk enviroment.

    It’s all about – well you get it.

    Maybe Mrs. Pulosi is full of herself, but maybe she will come back full of wisdom, knowledge, and some answers.

    Maybe it does take a woman to do a man’s job, especially when the man does’t want to get off his butt and do it himself.

  3. cindy vaillancourt said

    “Maybe it does take a woman to do a man’s job, ”

    uhhhh…. out of deference to the wisdom in the preceeding lines of this post I’m going to assume in this case “a man’s job” is referring to a particular man holding the particular job referenced…..

    cindy v

  4. cindy vaillancourt said

    I have no issue with Pelosi taking the trip — I agree with Mr. Adams that it is important for those in charge to look into matters directly and not rely entirely on reports from others (who may have their own agendas) in decision making.

    There is just something a little off in her comments – something that feels a little over-reaching or ill conceived.

    In this case she seems a little more Jesse Jackson than thoughtful statesman.

    CIndy V.

  5. jim adams said


    You know that is what I meant. Why would I be so stupid or so insensitive to have written anything but what is politically correct.

    p.s. thanks for covering my butt, and also proving my initial point.

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