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St. Patrick Day Revisited

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, April 6, 2007

On Friday before the Baltimore St. Patrick Day Parade I was called by RTE Ireland.  They are the Irish National Radio Station – akin to a BBC.  They wanted to interview me about the Irish in America and how Americans celebrate St. Patrick Day.

In fairness I tried to get the radio host to call the current Chairman of the Parade, Ann McDonnell, but he insisted that he wanted to interview me.  I think he just felt he had a live person and wouldn’t let go. 

Honestly, this is probably the one thing I miss most about being Chairman of the Parade – the press interviews are fun.  No one is trying to trip you up, looking for dirt, or take you out of context.  They just want to do a fun story without controversy.  Very novel.

Anyway the interview starts in Dublin, Ohio, then to Shamrock, Texas, then to Georgia, and then they saved the best for last – Baltimore.  When asked I was kind to Governor O’Malley.

If you are interested and have RealPlayer installed take a listen.

BTW: I got a good phone call yesterday afternoon.  I was accepted into an area college’s Executive MBA program.  It was a good day yesterday.


4 Responses to “St. Patrick Day Revisited”

  1. Young at Heart said

    Congratulations on being accepted into that MBA program!

  2. Janovich said

    Hopefully it wasn’t Towson – the legislature is looking to strip their circulum because it is supposidly hurting Morgan state….

  3. Freemarket said

    Congrats, David! I guess we won’t be hearing much from you in the blog world once your classes are underway. Juggling a full time job and an MBA is a time consuming undertaking. Good luck!

  4. matt said

    As someone who is about to graduate from a local MBA program, I wish you the best and advise that it will be a time-consuming but worthwhile endeavor.

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