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Democrats view of taxes – “They make money”

Posted by Ed C on Saturday, April 14, 2007

From the Baltimore Sun’s article Miller shows he is firmly in control

Baltimore Democrat Del. Maggie L. McIntosh is quoted “Excuse me, these bills make money,” she said. “They don’t spend money; they make money.”

Democrats have proposed raising income, sales, gas, tobacco, developers and are eying a special session to push these proposals to “make more money.” How high can taxes go? Well, according to Democrats, it is a careful balancing act; the role of government is to collect (and spend) as much as possible. From the Howard County Spending Affordability Advisory Committee Report The question is “…what level of service can the county provide to county residents and still maintain a level of taxes and fees citizens will pay.”

I wonder what the budget and taxes would look like if our current legislators looked at the issue the other way around; – What is the minimal level of services that residents are willing to accept.


10 Responses to “Democrats view of taxes – “They make money””

  1. heather v! said

    ok. so what exactly is the benefit democrats are hoping to gain? romney wants0% tax rate for middle class. which veiw is better? please reply, i am new to this political stuff and i want to learn more =)

  2. Ed C said

    A good summary of What do conservatives believe? can be found here.

    In short:

    What do conservatives believe? As a general rule, conservatives favor a smaller, weaker, Federal government, less taxes, free trade, a strong defense, a color blind society, and traditional American values.

    but read the whole thing.

  3. Freemarket said

    Conservatives like to say that they favor small government, but in practice they love government regulations. A few local examples: Gail Bates and Warren Miller are downright outspoken against civil unions (they even want to ban the Da Vinci Code, which is a slap in the face to the first amendment), and Greg Fox started a task force to investigate burdening the County with an expensive horse park so that rich people can polo at the expense of the middle and lower economic classes. What’s worse, all of the local conservative leaders support our Socialist educational system.

    Politicians are generally full of crap, and that does not change among any political party.

  4. FM,

    I think that there is a difference between conservatives and one’s association with a political party.

    Conservatism is a philosophy. A political party is something very different – typically an ideology.

    When speaking of conservatism one must also ask which type one is referring to: Religious, social, political, fiscal. One can be conservative in one area and liberal in another (Romney, Rudy, Biden all come to mind).

    Conservatives span the political spectrum.

    What about neoconservatives who don’t mind larger government? George W is kind of an anomoly in this regard. He has kept the US out of the middle-east (I am getting there) regarding Israel (until this week). He has been hands off with China for the most part. Burma, Russia, Sudan, etc. Then we have Afganistan and Iraq – I will let historians figure that one out.

    We are a very complex society. I used to think it was enough to identify myself and catagorize others as liberal, conservative, right wing, left wing, democrat, republican, etc. I think that from a political perspective it is better to classify people as people: complex and hard to pin down.

    Vote for the person, not that party.

    On another note – since I mentioned him: Joe Biden is impressing me with his oratory. He doesn’t stand a chance in the primary but I like what I hear.

  5. diehard said


    I am not sure you will be allowed at the next function if you continue to accept the filth emanating from Biden…

  6. Ed C said

    From a post on Powerline:

    To liberals, a government that can do anything should do everything, from providing free health care, to footing the bill for our retirement, to protecting us from making bad real-estate investments.

    Higher taxes? Less freedom? A sclerotic, French-style welfare state? These are but a small price to pay for a total absence of suffering, bad decisions, worry and fear.

    Which brings us to a fundamental difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives want the freedom to pursue happiness on their own terms. Liberals think they have a right to happiness and that it should be delivered, like a pizza.

    When you understand this, you understand why the liberal version of the American dream — no worries, free health care and a guaranteed income, among other things — would be like living in your parents’ basement, for life.

    The whole post is a response to a recent Garrison Keillor column on subprime mortgages and is worth a few minutes to read.

  7. Michael S. said

    This is what I hate about politics. Politicians giving sweet deals to friends or friends of those who can advance their own career. Ken Ulman in Howard County hired Kevin Enright as his Director of Communication. Michael Enright is O’Malley’s Chief of Staff. No coincidence here.

    Enright and Ulman laid off their own government TV station claiming “the county can’t afford it.” Yet, they give across the board raises for everyone else, find money for NEW programs, find money to create NEW positions, find money for overseas trips, find money to renevate the Executive’s office as soon as he took office, but fail to take an introspective look at how to REALLY save Howard County taxpayers’ money.

  8. John said

    YouTube – Ken Ulman: The Debt Knight. It’s budget time!

  9. Trudy said

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