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HoCo – General Assembly Local Bill Status

Posted by Ed C on Sunday, April 15, 2007

The status of the local bills pushed by the Howard County delegates in the MD General Assembly previously discussed in the post here (the numbers in parentheses refer to previous post) and as reported in the Examiner – Delegate nab state funds for local projects .

Bond Request Requested Received
Blandair Regional Park in Long Reach Columbia (3) $500K $375K
Robinson Nature Center (1) $500K $350K
North Laurel Community Center (2) $500K $200K
Enhancements to Norbel School – Elkridge (16) $250K $50K
Parking Garage – Main Street Ellicott City (4) $500K $0K

Other bills that passed this session included:

  • Property Tax Credit for properties jointly owner with HoCo Housing Commission (6)
  • HoCo Annual Report Filing Date (7)
  • Board of Education – Qualifications and Election of Student Member (12)
  • Union Service Representation Fee (11)

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