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What is the facination?

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, June 4, 2007

The post I wrote about Ken Ulman’s resume (which I believe to be true – the post and not the resume mind you) continues to resonate with readers.  Here is a visual on the stats.


Frankly, I am astounded that this post has has over 1,300 unique views since I posted this in October 2006.  No one cared in November 2006.  Why does this post remain so popular?

It is my ardent hope that some where down the line this resume issues will become a problem for Mr. Ulman’s political career.  Although this was not an issue in the 2006 local election (I not going to quote Brian Harlin) I think, in the end, when the stakes are much higher the piper will come callin’.  Someone with a lot more at risk and a lot more money will make sure this is an issue and make sure it will stick.

How do I really feel about it.  I think that it is too bad.  Other than the typical snypes I hear about Mr. Ulman’s continued smuggness, and the Crown Victoria he is driven around in while telling the press/public he drive a hybrid, I think he is doing a good job so far as an executive.  I wasn’t too pleased about the budget – but not a whole lot of gripes.  Considering the party and person in power it could have been much worse.  With that said, no matter how well he does in his current position it will be over shadowed by the resume. 

Deep down I admire Ken Ulman.  Here is a young guy who knows what he wants and he goes out and gets it.  I have always admired determined people who are certain about what they want in life.  What distinguishes these kinds of people from one another is how they go about getting what they want.  I don’t need to say anything else.

If he thought was a great idea, wait until Lt. Gov. Brown turns his guns on Ken in 2014.

PS:  Regarding the PIA request submitted by The Examiner seeking overtime pay for County employees.  Did anyone notice that the information was from the Robey administration?  Considering Ulman’s administration doesn’t have a full year under its belt I suppose that makes sense.


9 Responses to “What is the facination?”

  1. Get serious said

    Get real, Keelan. “continues to resonate with readers”? You’ve got one person with a personal vendetta against Ulman who posts the same crap every couple of weeks. Yeah, that really resonates.

  2. Oh Yeah Get Serious or who ever you are! Just kidding….
    I wasn’t referring to the 35 comments on the referenced post. I was referring to the 1,300 UNIQUE views the post has received. Clearly the post doesn’t resonate with EVERYONE, but it does resonate with more readers than I thought it ever would especially considering when the election occured. With that said, I am serious and I think it is important that the referenced post is being kept alive. I have been absent from this blog for sometime and come back occasionally to write. Everytime I come back I am surprised that the referenced post remains one of the most popular posts on the blog.

  3. Freemarket said

    Unique VIEWS are substantially different than unique HITS, correct? One obsessed person could have viewed the post 1,300 times. In four years of Ulman’s leadership, if all Republicans have to attack him is some bizarre resume technicality, he has done one heck of a good job.

  4. Freemarket, they are interchangable. To your point. I agree with you. However, the jury is out….. By the way, I think calling it a “resume technicality” is very generous when the official record is completely divergent from his claims.

  5. To freemarket said

    Brownie did a “heck of a job” as well – look where he ended up.

    I know, among several former Centennial students, Ken’s “rise to power” has been a bit of a sad joke. Maybe the resume post has made its way out of Centennial circles. I remember him as being self-important then. Everytime he speaks to the media, he seems to support this opinion.

    Let’s get real. Ken’s election is not that impressive considering who Ken’s father was (head of Maryland racing when Ken was hired by Glendening), the money his family has and how Ken basically had the luxury of concentrating on his campaign while (ahem) running his own law firm. Oh, and the fact that neither Courtney Watson nor Guy Guzzone (or another serious Dem) ran for office. Oh, and the whole anti-Bush thing.

    Someone else said it best: “Profile in Privilege”

    I personally think that a faked resume should be cause for resignation or dismissal. Not saying he did it, just saying that he should resign if he did.

    Has anyone proven that he held these positions? A savvy politician would prevent this from becoming a “Swift Boat” issue that lingers on.

  6. PZGURU said

    Get Serious – who has a personal vendetta against Ken Ulman? Just because someone generates a post (or posts) that are critical of Ken Ulman, does that make it a “vendetta”? If there is truth behind the assertions, then how is it a vendetta? Do all 7,000+ people who signed the Comp Lite petition have a “vendetta” against Ken? By your standard, anyone who dares to disagree with any of his policy initiatives, or anyone who dares to take issue with his actions (past or present), has a “vendetta” against him. What a load of manure!

    Is everything Ken has ever done wrong, or bad, or unethical, or illegal? NO. However, just because he does philanthropic work or drives a hybrid car (which it turns out he doesn’t do the way he claimed), that does not mean he should get a free pass to do whatever he wants to do. He has to conform to the same laws that the rest of us do. And, if people think he has crossed the line, then they have the right to call him out on it and hold him accountable. Not a vendetta – just part of the checks and balances of the universe.

  7. Innocent Explanation said

    IMHO, Ken was overzealous in his initial campaign. In his zeal to get elected, maybe he spent too much money, offended too many people, made too many promises and overstated his qualifications. To me, it’s a sign of immaturity rather than deception.

    I don’t think he needs to resign, but I do think he should clarify and apologize if necessary. He has the info, so why not come clean (unless he has something to hide?)

  8. Explanation, thanks for your thoughtful opinion. I agree with you whole heartedly.

  9. Innocent Explanation said

    If you Google “Ken Ulman” your website about his resume comes up #6. Maybe it just gets people curious. Too bad it didn’t happen before the election.

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