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Where in the world is Cindy?

Posted by David Keelan on Sunday, June 10, 2007

Anyone notice that CindyV is missing?  Cindy, where are you?


3 Responses to “Where in the world is Cindy?”

  1. PZGURU said

    Cindy who? Just kidding. I do miss her poignant postings.

  2. cindy v said

    sorry for the long unexplained absence – right now i am in florida helping dad ge settled in rebuilt house after tornado a few months ago — then it is off to the outer banks to deposit child 1 at outward bound excursion – then the catskills to deposit child 2 at camp – then …..
    i do have a couple of posts in the works – but internet access has been spotty. thanks for the kind comment and being missed at all.
    will post again soon,
    ciny v.

  3. Jim Adams said

    Glad to know you are still part of David’s team, there is a need to keep this site balanced (just kidding David.) I waiting inpatiently for you next post Cindy.

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