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The Global Warming Swindle?

Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, June 12, 2007

That is the name of the first video.  Far from being settled science I think most reasonable people wonder how much we need to regulate CO2 emissions and are not in a panic and sending school children home to have nightmares. 

My neighbor asked a good question.  “What is the basis for George Bush’s CO2 emission reduction at the G8?”  Honestly, I don’t know what the President proposed or why he proposed it.  I can’t even tell you if it is a change in policy.  I will look into it.  However, the Daily Reckoning Blog in Australia has a theory.

By attaching his credibility to the Global Warming hypothesis yesterday, he probably aims to discredit the idea completely. Sly dog!

In the mean time an alternate perspective on Global Warming.



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North American and European Warming

Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This information is readily available.  However, many people prefer to think that any evidence or debate about global warming comes with an agenda.

If you doubt Global Warming you are a hack in the pocket of corporations with no real scientific credentials, an apologist, a propagana monger.  If you accept Global Warming then you are among the most credible scientists in the world.  That is really open minded.

One can say they want an open discussion and debate but do they really want open discussion and debate?  I think for the most part they have made up their minds.

A map above shows the number of weather stations for the world for most of the latter half of the 20th century. Notice the lack of coverage in the oceans, deserts, polar regions, and forests. Notice the coverage of North America and Europe.  So what?

The record and data measuring “global” warming is not measuring global warming.  It is measuring North American and European warming.

“It’s very clear we do not have a climate observing system…This may come as a shock to many people who assume that we do know adequately what’s going on with the climate but we don’t.”

Kevin Trenberth, National Center for Atmospheric research Boulder, CO.

(Of course Dr. Trenberth is just a hack in the pocket of Exxon Mobile.  Right?

The world has less stations now than it did in 1960.

Milankovitch Effect

This observation has been around for over 130 years. Yet, textbooks still tell students the Earth’s orbit around the sun is a fixed elliptical orbit. This is not correct. Variations in the orbit has a termendous bearing on the solar heating and cooling of the earth.

It is accepted by both sides of the debate that the surface temperature of the earth has been changing (back and forth) for thousands of years and has done so without human activity. Ice core samples have shown that atmospheric CO2 varies over time in concert with atmospheric temperatures.

Since Galelio has been studying sunspots (1610 AD) we have known they effect the earth’s surface temperature. What those nifty surface temerature measurements show is that the northern hemisphere surface temperature increases with solar activity.

I have noted in a comment on an earlier post – although no one wants to comment on these facts:

95% of the Greenhouse effect is caused by water vapor (some say as little as 66% and as hight as 85%). The remaining 5% consists of carbon dioxide, methane, etc. of which man contributes 3.2% to 5% the rest occuring naturally.

The fastest growing greenhouse gas is methane (not carbon dioxide). Human activity may cause up to half of methane emmissions. Yet the scinence is contridictary “Long term atmospheric measurements of methane by NOAA show that the build up of methane has slowed dramatically over the last decade, after nearly tripling since pre-industrial times. It is thought that this reduction is due to reduced industrial emissions and drought in wetland areas.” The other half of methane emmissions is naturally occuring. The net life time of methane in the atmosphere is 8.5 years so it has no long term effect on the atmosphere.

CO2 (carbon dioxide) is an important component of regulating the atmosphere because if absorbs infrared radiation – which if it got through would destroy most biological life.

Since the two gases often referred to as the leading cause of global warming are such a small part of the gases that contribute to the green house effect and human activity contributes so little to those two gases I doubt human activity is causing global warming or that we can do much to reduce the effect.

What are we doing to reduce water vapor that make up 95% of the greenhouse gases?  It would seem to me that would be a much easier problem to tackle.  A 1% decrease in 95% of the problem should produce major improvements.  Right?

Finally if one were to compare the 2001 UN report on climate change to the 2007 report one would get the idea that either:

1.  Things have improved vastly over the past 6 years or,

2.  The “predictions” in the 2001 report were extremely flawed.

In the end, the jury is out.  This is not settled science.  Reasonable people who know much more about climate changes do not agree with each others conclusions.

As I said earlier.  One does not have to believe in “North American and European Warming” to be an enviromentalist.

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