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Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Britian Has Talent strikes again.  This little girl has a very impressive voice.

Please pardon the earlier reference to poor Madeleine McCann.  I had posted this in whole from a reader’s comment under Paul Potts and did not catch nor understand the reference to Madeleine.


3 Responses to “Reader Contribution”

  1. Huh? said

    Excuse me if I don’t get it, but are you saying that this girl is going to be kidnapped and murdered like Madeleine McCann? Why would you make a comparison like that?

  2. No. I didn’t know who Madeleine McCann was until your comment. That was posted by a reader under the Paul Potts post and I pasted the comment in whole. I apologize for not checking out the reference and I will delete the reference. I thought that the video was great and the girl impressive – that is why I posted the video. I really am embarassed and thanks for pointing out my error. My sincere apologies..

  3. Clarification said

    Madeleine McCann is missing. At this point, her whereabouts are unknown.

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