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O’Malley Whine er Watch

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, July 13, 2007

The Democratic party sent out an email that really brought back some memories.  Remember during the election last year when Ken Ulman put up a web site that told absolute lies about Chris Merdon’s record.  Yes campers, I just said Ken Ulman is a liar.

At the time I traced the web site to Mr. Ulman’s campaign and posted the evidence on this blog and people called ME a liar.  I was told that Ken wouldn’t stoop to that level.  After all Art McGreevy had even said Ken was above that kind of thing when he trashed Mary Kay Sigaty in the County Council race.

“There is an old saying: “How you run is how you govern.” Ken Ulman is running a positive, well-organized campaign. He is working hard every day. It was these traits that led to his endorsement. [Teacher’s Union]  If how you run is a reflection of how you will govern, the community will be well served by Ken Ulman.”

For example here are a couple comments regarding my allegations about Ken Ulman’s involvement with at the time:

Yeah, really. Even if the Ulman campaign is behind this, as you suggest, do you have any evidence that the allgations contained in the website are inaccurate or misleading?


It also takes real Chutzpah to suggest that the publishers of this site are trying to hide thier indentity from the public. Right on the web site itself it says:

“By Authority of Maryland Democratic Party, Ken Banks, Treasurer.”

I refuted many of the lies Ken Ulman told about Merdon’s record and no one ever responded or came to Ulman’s defense.  They just called me a liar.

The next day or two Ulman admited he was behind the site.

The Democratic Party was quoted at the time:

This site is “not unusual,” said David Paulson, communications director for the Maryland Democratic Party, adding that the party not only pays for, but also, which blasts Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, Republican U.S. Senate candidate.

“There is cooperation between the Ulman campaign and the Democratic Party,” said Paulson, who declined to discuss the level of Ulman’s involvement.

As Ken Ulman said at the time and I quote this because even though it is a bunch of BS it seemed to work for him:

“Folks want to spread conspiracy theories,” he said. “If folks don’t like the fact that their records are being pointed out, it’s part of the campaign.”

Do you know what?  When you examine campaign finance records their is no record of the Democrats paying for the (either domain name or hosting services) their is no record of the Democrats paying to printer for the thousands of mailers that promoted the web site either.  How do I know ?  The printers mark on the mailers clearly identifies the printer and producer and it is the same printers mark on Ulman other campaign literature.  I see that Ulman’s campaign paid a mailing house a lot of money during the campaign.  I don’t see that the Democratic party made any payments to the same mailing house.  So did Ulman’s campaign pay for the web site and the mailers and inappropriately use the Democratic Party authority line?  Does this violate campaign finance laws – we will find out.  That is a different story and will let you know what the State Board of Elections says.

So what is the fuss?

The fuss is the excellent web site , Martin O’Malley’s alarm regarding the site, and how a tactic they perfected is now coming back to haunt them.

The memo I referenced above is here and explains the issue.

Evidence is mounting that former Governor Bob Ehrlich and his new North Carolina law firm’s Maryland-based staff are the driving force behind a totally anonymous and controversial smear website. The owners and operators of that website have gone to great lengths to both communicate their partisan attacks to the press and keep their identities secret from the voters of Maryland.

The Dems know something about scare tactics… 

The Democrats and Martin O’Malley are obsessed with discovering who is behind the site.  Strike that.  They are obsessed with connecting Bob Ehlrich to the site.  Now they think they have a smoking gun and are trying to fire up the loyalists.

Unlike Ken Ulman and where I connected the IP addresses and the ISP / web hosting company to do you know what the Democrats came up with?  An email memo to reporters and bloggers written by a former Ehrlich press secretary who works for the same law firm Ehrlich works for now.

So here is a synopsis of the Democrats proof.

Person A worked for Ehrlich at Government House.  Person A then went to work for Ehrlich at Womble Carlyle.  Person A issued a memo to a reporter discussing their concerns about an O’Malley land deal.  The same points and concerns show up on a blog ( Therefore, Bob Ehrlich is behind

Absolutely spot on brilliant.  Can’t get anything past Martin O’Malley and the Democratic Party.  Just incredible detective work.  No wonder crime is practically non-existent in Baltimore City.

Read the Examiner story by Len Lazarick.  No mention in The Baltimore Sun that I could find this morning.

Lets get real.  The Democrats have no problem attacking Steele and Merdon with smear web sites and lying about their records and trying to conceal who is involved.  Yet a legitimate site ( comes out that fairly examines O’Malley’s administration and to them it is a major consipiracy.   No one lied at omalley watch.  Can the Democrats say the same?

The State Comptroller, Mr. Franchot, happens to find the site to be useful because he used the same referenced memo in a board of publics work meeting (the same one where Ken Ulman was the director – remember) to question the Governor and the deal.  It was a great memo, why wouldn’t the Comptroller use the information?

As O’Malley Watch so eloquantly put it in their response to the whiners at Government House:

Evidence is mounting that the Maryland Democratic Party (MDP) and the O’Malley administration wet their pants several times a day over the new phenomenon known as Several members of Governor O’Malley’s staff have been overheard referring to information on the site. The Governor himself referred to the site as “critics” at the Board of Public Works hearing.

Now since has started to create some real credibility O’Malley has to tear it down.  Unlike my response to where I proved that Ken Ulman was a desperate liar when it came to Chris Merdon’s record the Democratic Party and O’Malley refused to address any of the points in the referenced memo.

I bet that they never will.

I think who ever is behind should come forward.  However, for the Democrats and O’Malley to whine about the use of a tactic they perfected is just ridiculous.

We are getting the same BS about BGE, Maddalone, Slots, the budget gap, unfunded mandates, etc.  This is what the Democrats are worried about?


22 Responses to “O’Malley Whine er Watch”

  1. Kelly said

    Great article and glad you linked this website on O’

    The fact that there are sites like yours and sites like proves that the power of the press is far greater than the power of elected office, for it is we whom they serve, not the other way. Alexander Solzhenitsyn once said, “”Such as it is, the press has become the greatest power within the Western World, more powerful than the legislature, the executive and judiciary. One would like to ask: by whom has it been elected, and to whom is it responsible?”

    Keep up the good work of real reporting of the facts. It’s about time we heard the truth and not political rhetoric as read to us from talking points or a press release

  2. Wealthy Land Owner said

    David I totally agree with your post about County Executive Ulman, by the way I have a large parcel of land in Howard County that won’t perk – do you think that O’Malley and the board of Public Works would like to buy it for 5 times its appraised value and lease it back to me for a dollar a year for twenty years?

  3. Kelly said

    Ahhh, the State of Maryland and the administration presently watching over it. Sort of like leaving the fox to mind the hen house. We can’t make change or be noticed without first bringing out into the open, their misdeeds, their lies and their pervasive pattern of deception. What’s amusing is the fact that we have an administration which is more concerned about the existence of this website than they were with the fleecing of the citizen and allowing the rate hikes to go in effect. The fleecing of the pension fund for political cronyism and the fleecing of the coffers for the land deal to benefit a transition team member. We can’t forget that on August 1, 2007 the BPW will meet once again and hope the bruhaha over the second land deal will have died down and O’Governor and his cronies can use taxpayer funds to enrich yet another political friend of the administration. They have shown us nothing but lies and are now trying to uncover who it is who is bringing their lies and misdeeds to the public eye.

    “The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth becomes the greatest enemy of the State.” — Dr. Joseph M. Goebbel

    This my friends is only the tip of the iceberg. O’Malley can’t fire us, nor can he intimate us. We can fire him. “Recall Election” They did it in California, Arizona and Connecticut. Why not MARYLAND. RECALL Election and oust O’Malley

  4. Teacher said

    Why is O’Malley’s name misspelled in the title but spelled correctly elsewhere in this post? Is this just a typo or is there a hidden message here?

  5. typo. thanks

  6. Keep Up the Good Work said

    Good post. At least there are a few bloggers left that don’t tolerate repeated lies.

    It doesn’t suprise me that the finance records don’t add up. They also used LLC contributions to get several contributions from the same sources, according to state records.

    Where could one find a list of all contributions and expenses from the Ulman campaign? It would be interesting to see how much of his expenses were paid for by people associated with his father.

  7. David, great job on your post. I have said all along that DemocRats hate America. Just as Ken Uhlman, Martin O’Malley, and here in Baltimore County has with Jim Smith, they userp property rights, and restrict freedoms.

    I would like to have a RECALL election for O’Malley and hus bund ilk. No other political party short of the Communist Party of the 20th century has done more damage to individual liberties more than the DemocRats.

    Nothing short of a clean sweep of the career huckters will satisfy, or save any of us. The next session of the General Assembly will be even more treacherous than ever before. These political prostitutes know that people are leaving Maryland in droves. Those who are stuck behind are punished with over taxation, burdonsome over regulation, and eminent domain.

    When will Maryland finally wake up? Only if we can get rid of Prince George’s,and MOntgomery Counties, and Baltimore City. Maybe then, Maryland won’t be the same Old Line State, but could revert back to the Free State.

    Happiness is seeing O’Malley/Brown on a milk carton, asking people NOT to look for them.

    And our other blog exposing O’Malley:

    Without appologies……….

  8. timactual said

    ” Yes campers, I just said Ken Ulman is a liar.”

    I am absolutely shocked!! Shocked, I say, that you would allow anyone other than Bush/Cheney to be called a liar on this site!!

  9. Jake the Bigger Dog said

    Jim the big dawg- Other than petty name calling, the only shot against “DemocRats” you took was that they want to restrict individual freedoms. Yet, unlike most Republicans, most “DemocRats” support gay marriage, the current ban of which is perhaps the arrogant government restriction of individual liberties out there. If individual liberties are your yardstick, both major political parties are a disgrace.

    I think O’Malley Watch is a great website. I also think The Real Chris was a great site. Both sites serve to keep politicians in check.

  10. The Real Chris said

    The Real Chris did nothing of the kind. It was full of lies PERIOD.

  11. Real Chris was slick said

    The Real Chris was a great site. I thank goodness that someone pulled back the curtain on the real Chris Merdon. The fact that Merdon was unable to defend himself spoke volumes.

  12. Really, and Ken Ulman is going to be beatified by the Pope. Ken Ulman lied about Chris Merdon’s record and tried to hide his involvement in the smear campaign. He tried to make it look like the MD Democratic Party was behind the site – I refuted all the claims and no one (including you) ever replied – yet their is no evidence in campaign finance reports that the MD Democratic party paid for the site, the printing of flier, or the postage. The State Board of Elections will address that issue. You can start by addressing the refutations to the web site in question which I have posted on this site. However, I don’t think you will take me up on the challenge.

  13. To the lap dog said

    The outcome of the election shows how much staying mute on his record really hurt Merdon. Why couldn’t he have stood up to defend himself? Why are you the one to tell his side of the story?

    His questionable ethics and voting history spoke for itself. More importantly, the voters spoke.

    Why are you still tooting your sad little horn? Who cares that you did more research into the source of the site than Merdon did trying to reach out to voters? Who cares that your own pathetic smear campaign against Ulman failed miserably?

    You. Only you. Why not get a new hobby?

  14. SallySells said

    To the whiney bozo who posted just before me…..

    The Baltimore Sun refused to go out of business when Bob Ehrlich was elected Governor, despite our best hopes! So why should Mr. Keelan stop His blog? Just like a liberal – free speech only applys to your liberal BS – not all sides of the issue….

    I love this blog, keep it going!

  15. Keep Up the Good Work said

    Pointing out blatant falsehoods and disceptive remarks on a resume hardly qualifies as a “smear campaign on Ulman”

    It has been like 18 months now – can anyone actually support all of the questionable claims Ulman has made? Seriously, all I have seen on the web to “refute” the claims are attacks on the poster.

    Who cares, you ask? Everyone should care that you elected an unqualified guy to be County Executive simply because he is a Democrat.

    But I guess your standards are too low.

  16. To lap dog,

    In short. Because Merdon is my friend. Who likes to watch people lie about their friends and then get away with it? You? I doubt it.

  17. Double standards are great said

    Sorry, I thought that was being a “blind apologist” or other such slurs you’ve used towards others in the same position. My bad.

  18. ???

  19. Ralph Norton said

    I remember my first beer!

  20. tomberkhouse said

    To Ulmans Lackey Puppet Defender – you are one misguided, wacko who has no sense of reality. You live in some kind of Bizarro Alice in Wonderland daze where you have everything backward. When Merdon’s supporters pointed out Ulman’s ACTUAL actions, that’s not “smearing” someone. What Ulman did was LIE about Merdon’s record. A big difference. But, that’s been the DemocRats playbook for the last 20 years. The liberal philospohy is dead, so they have to lie to foll the voters into voting for them.

    Half of the County Office of Law left after the election. Why? Because they know they’d be spending most of their time covering for all of Kenny boy’s misdeeds (Comp Lite, Town Center Charette, doling out favors to his big donors). Who want’s to be part of that cess pool?

    And, winning the election is not a vindication of Ulman’s record. I’d point out the Hitler got elected and I’d hardly say that mitigates his actions (making a general point, not comparing Ulman directly to Hitler).

    Maybe commenters like you, and all the other spineless Ulman lackeys should address the CONTENT of this blog and CONTENT of the other comments when they are critical of Ulman, instead of acting like a bunch of ostriches and emphasizing the context. The fact is, you have no defense for him and you CANT refute the empirical evidence against him, so you resort to your only alternative – more lies. You’re exactly what’s wrong with the process and the world in general.

  21. fornetti said

    I do not believe this

  22. john said

    While you people bicker over right/left paradigm politics,here is something that the treasonous rat omalley has been up to. He will head the treasonous region 3 under the new corporate/bank fascist state brought in by the communist united nations. This is something the great ehrlich fails to mention.

    In a previous article, I sounded the alarm regarding some of Obama’s most dangerous Executive Orders signed this year. In this case, I am referring to the formal creation of a Governors Council and their role in the very possible further demise of States’ Rights. Although according to Obama it has been fluffed-up and sugar-coated as nothing more that an Advisory council of 10 Governors to meet on various issues. Let us look at the geographic locations of these Governors and its relevance to the bigger picture.

    Let me start out by stating that I have never and will never believe in coincidences. I don’t believe that it is any coincidence that decades ago our Federal Government agreed to a mandate by the United Nations to consolidate from 50 States into 10 Federal Regions. It is no wonder in the process that has been going on behind the scenes that our 50 states have lost most of their once Constitutionally sovereign power over the intrusion of federal authority. Now as we find ourselves in the full-blown execution phase of the UN’s plans for our country that we behold a Presidential Executive Order to appoint 10 Governors to a new Council that has been formalized.

    Let me further illustrate the significance of these 10 appointments to this Council of Governors as it relates to the known 10 Federal regions which were originally created by yet another Executive Order #11647 by President Richard Nixon back on Feb. 14, 1972. We can first look at these 10 regions and the appointment of these particular 10 Governors that were chosen and see how it all fits in with the geography.

    Here are the 10 picks for this new Council of Governors. With only one exception, they have been chosen from different federal regions.

    Governor James H. Douglas of Vermont – Region 1

    Governor Luis Fortuna of Puerto Rico – Region 2

    Governor Robert McDonnell of Virginia – Region 3

    Governor Beverly Eaves Purdue of North Carolina – Region 4

    Governor Brad Henry of Oklahoma – Region 6

    Governor Jeremiah Nixon of Missouri – Region 7

    Governor Mike Rounds of South Dakota – Region 8

    Governor Janice Brewer of Arizona – Region 9

    Governor Chris Gregoire of Washington – Region 10

    Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland – Region 3

    Could it be by accident that almost all of those nominated happen to come from different federal regions?

    Perhaps we should all call our “good” Governors listed above and have them explain to us the exact need and purpose of their new appointments. Maybe it is better for South Dakota that Mike Rounds is not running for re-election. It seems he will be busy Governing on a Federal “Regional” level instead of one of our 50 sovereign United States.

    For a different angle on this story and the additional recognized danger of this Council as it pertains to the transferring of all authority to the Federal Government of our States’ National Guard units, please see full article on World Net Daily. I would also like to give them credit for publishing which 10 Governors have been appointed.

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