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I appreciate the restraint

Posted by David Keelan on Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Examiner reported

Rather than expand the government by creating a separate Department of the Environment, the county should consider a smaller central office, a county environmental commission said.

While the question remains as to whether we need a new department or not I appreciate the tone of the environmental commission.  While they are obviously sensitive to the environmental impact we have in the County they are expressing sensitivity to the concerns of a larger government.

I think it is a conservative trademark that big is not necessarily better.


4 Responses to “I appreciate the restraint”

  1. Freemarket said

    Defending the environment and preventing negative externalities is one of the few legitimate purposes a government has. So the fact that they want to be small over this while spending money like crazy on everything else is not exactly a comfort to me.

    Conservatives wholeheartedly support the biggest government intrusions out there.

  2. FM,

    What? “Negative Exernalities”?

    Granted I am looking at this microscopically I appreciate the fact they don’t want to creat a large department over this and I am only speaking about this committee – not Howard County Government as a whole.

    As to your comment “Conservatives wholeheartedly support the biggest government intrusions out there.” Not this conservative. If you are talking about the last GOP congress – well they were not conservatives – said they were but the were not. As to Reagan and Gingrich – they are fiscal conservatives.

    But then again, I am talking about a small local government issue.

  3. Lance Armstrong said

    Maybe we can pay this commission big bucks to decide that the county should buy more Priuses. Ken Ulman: small brain, small ideas.

  4. observer said

    How many different departments are already tasked with environmental protection and related functions that don’t perform them well now or at all? If is so ironic that we need green buildings in Howard County mandated by law, but for a few campaign dollars we can let some developer pave over a stream buffer or some other legally protected area for the purpose of getting a few more townhomes on a site. Happens all the time at DPZ. This coupled with the fact that they have trouble keeping their qualified employees because they get fed up trying to enforce the environmental codes to no avail. Having a green building when you voluntarily are lax on required SWM regulations is a joke. This new department is just an excuse for Ken to hire more of his friends because they can’t find real jobs in the real world. Public servants or political hacks, you decide. Having said all of that, there are some decent hard working County employees who do an excellent job of protecting the environment. They would probably agree with my remarks as they know and are faced with the above situation on a regular basis.

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