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Passing Gas

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, August 24, 2007

From the Maryland GOP

ANNAPOLIS— Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and Democrat leaders have signaled their plans to increase the gasoline tax, apply the sales tax to gasoline purchases, and provide for automatic increases in the gasoline tax in the future based on an economic index (still to be determined).

Dr. Jim Pelura, Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party, released the following statement:

“The Democrat playbook has only one play in it – increase taxes. In recent days, we have heard Martin O’Malley reference the Minneapolis bridge tragedy to justify raising taxes in Maryland. We all agree in the importance of maintaining a safe highway, bridge, and tunnel system. Martin O’Malley claims he needs more money to pay for bridge and road repairs, but what he really needs is to better prioritize his spending.

“Millions of gasoline tax dollars that should be going to maintain our highways are instead going to the D.C. Metro and other transit systems that move relatively few people at extremely high cost. In addition, millions of dollars collected at Maryland’s seven toll roads, bridges, and tunnels are being diverted away from repair projects for which they were intended. Before Martin O’Malley and the Democrats try to raise taxes, they should examine how they set their priorities. Marylanders are taxed enough. O’Malley should pass on gas.”

From O’Malley Watch

Richard Vatz Would Be Proud: Rhetoric 102

So a new excuse has been created. The old one “it’s for the children” doesn’t quite work when we’re talking about why we need a new gas tax in Maryland. The new excuse is “so the bridge your driving on doesn’t collapse”.

In what is perhaps the most shameful pandering of a tragedy this side of the Mississippi, Martin O’Malley has begun to throw rhetoric around that if the Maryland Legislature doesn’t pass his gas tax increase then we will be faced with the same tragedy as Minnesota.

 What are they speaking of?

This quote from Martin O’Malley and the gas tax increase.

“Let’s do for [our children] what the greatest generation and our immigrant forefathers and mothers did for us … relinquish the comforts of today for a better tomorrow,” O’Malley said.

I am sure Martin thought that was rousing and tear provoking rhetoric.  However, not even the Irish fall for that crap all the time.  Relinquish the comforts of today?  Is he calling us selfish?  Is he saying we have too much money and the State doesn’t have enough.  Really – what a jerk.


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