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It’s expensive to live in Howard County – Steven Sattler, CA Communications Director

Posted by Ed C on Thursday, August 30, 2007

From the Baltimore Sun: CA officials paid well.

The Columbia Association paid about $1.2 million in salaries to the top 8 association officials. The CA has an annual budget of $50 million.

The association manages open space, swimming pools and athletic facilities in Columbia, with much of its annual budget coming from taxlike liens paid by every property owner in the planned town.

I enjoy living in Columbia and use the facilities offered by CA regularly. That said, maybe some of the “expense” of living here should be attributed to that “taxlike” lien.


4 Responses to “It’s expensive to live in Howard County – Steven Sattler, CA Communications Director”

  1. grzzap said

    Nice Site!

  2. savegtv said

    Save GTV

    The Ulman administration will be closing GTV effective July 1, 2008. Transparent government is at risk for all Howard County citizens! Show your support!

  3. Yo, Save GTV Commenter, Methinks transparent identities in blogging are a good thing for democracy, citizenship and evolution of a culture. You want transparent government? Take your own first step and be real on line.

  4. Yo, savegtv,

    I agree with Miss Newburn — be real. Let us know who you are. We at GTV need all the legitimate support we can get!

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