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HoCo Council Public Hearing, Monday Sept 17th @ 6:30 PM

Posted by Ed C on Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Howard County Council hearing will begin an hour early, starting at 6:30 PM to accommodate a full schedule. The full agenda can be seen here. Excluding a slew of appointments, the are 15 items on the agenda including:

  • Green neighborhood requirements. (116-2007)
  • New Town Zoning – Height limits (ZRA-79, ZRA-83) – Mary Kay Sigaty’s bills to retroactively apply height limits to the 23-story Plaza Tower.
  • Horse Park Task Force (114-2007) – Introduced by Greg Fox and Courtney Watson to create a 90 day task force to study the issues with creating a horse park in HoCo.
  • Full-time firearms investigator (No. 3- Fiscal 2008)
  • Soil and Water testing for golf course development (60-2007)

The council is prepared to continue testimony the next afternoon, but don’t worry according to Chairman Calvin Ball (from the Baltimore Sun):

“We’ve done an exercise in planning and forethought that will facilitate an open process,”

So, even making allowances for Chairman Ball to withdraw any of the three bills that he has introduced, you may want to plan for a long night and set aside Tuesday afternoon to boot.

The list of appointments is below the fold.

Stephanie W. Bowling, Ph.D Board of Social Services
Ulysses M. Currie Board of Social Services
Kevin J. Doyle Board of Library Trustees
Stacie Hunt Irish Board of Library Trustees
Jennifer R. Smith Commission for Women
Patricia Rynn Sylvester Housing and Community Development Board
Catherine Ward Board of Directors of the Economic Development Authority
Walinda P. West Board of Social Services
Erin M. Yun Commission for Women
Jean L. Daniello Commission on Disability Issues
Joyce Lehrer Adult Public Guardianship Review Board
Sue Song, Ph.D. Board of Health
Nikki Young Adult Public Guardianship Review Board
Maurice Bellan Public Ethics Commission
Rondra Marcelli, R.N. Adult Public Guardianship Review Board
Richard L. Cohen Commission on Disability Issues
Leonora K. Hoenes Board of Library Trustees
Jeffrey M. Levitt Board of Social Services
Heidi Page Commission on Disability Issues
Robert W. Sheesley Board of Health

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    Excellent post….

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