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The Patriots

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, September 14, 2007

I used to like the Patriots, not as much as the Steelers mind you. 

The Patriots were a franchise I could respect.  I thought Belichick was a great coach and strategic thinker.  I thought he picked apart Bill Cohwer in the playoffs a couple of years ago.  The game was so well played and executed on the Patriots part I couldn’t be upset with them for being the better team that day.

I admired everyone associated with the organization.

I don’t feel that way anymore.

The NFL let the Patriots off cheap.  This is cheating and Belichick should be fired for it.  The moral imperative here is no different than plagerizing or lying on one’s resume.


6 Responses to “The Patriots”

  1. General Zod said

    Personally I don’t think the league let him and the Patriots off easy. $500,000 dollars is substantial chunk of change regardless of how rich you are. Furthermore, the Pat’s may lose their 1st round pick and they were fined an additional $250,000.

    If he was fired than he would of been rehired. That to me is just silly.

    In the end they were exposed, embarressed and their wallet was hit pretty hard. Time to move on.

    Go Ravens!!


  2. jelato said

    I agree that the team got off light. HOwever the most delicious part of this will be to see just how much help is cheating was. Just what if it was the cheating that made the coach good? Anyone as arrogant as Beilcheat made himself ripe for a downfall.

  3. Jaime said

    “Whatever”! All is fair in love and war. I wish you all felt so strongly when you elect Republicans. It is only common sense in any compeition if you can secure your opponents signals you do so. I am so sick of the whiney “PC” crowd bellyaches of “Unfair, Billy was unfair” “Mommy!”. Shut up, man up and move on. “But it’s not fair. Where’s your sense of sportsmanship?” Stealing play calls is just not the same as say running over their RB with an auto or slipping a “Mickey” in their drinking water. I hope they have been getting the play calls along. My hats off to them. Now if we could just steal the play calls of Al-Quida… Hey Osama, go cry to your mommy. Oh that’s right you were hatched.

  4. Jaime said

    Hypothetically speaking: If a big Breasted women was wearing a very low cut top and she accuses you of looking at them, is it your job to not look or her job to do a better job of hiding them? I mean seriously, if she’s interested it’s flirting if she’s not it’s sexual harrassment. They should have done a better job of hiding the play signals. How does just anyone video tape them?

  5. Jamie,

    Thank you for your clear and rational comments. I am sure that what ever organization you are affiliated with is happy to have you as a member. They are certain to value you for your intellect, well crafted and thought out positions, but most especially your ability to be so eloquent in expressing your views.

    Please do come back and share with us your rational thoughts once again.

  6. Jaime said

    LOL Okay point taken. Perhaps I was a “little over the top” and a bit “wound up emotionally” in regards to my comments concerning my indignation at the current tarnishing of the NE PATRIOTS. I certainly want to express my deepest regrets for interjecting a clearly a poisonous viewpoint which I’m sure resulted in a cerebral hemorrhage or two. While the organization I am affiliated with may value my opinions I can attest they don’t always care much for the delivery or my refusal to “bite my tongue.” As they say “I don’t roll that way”. However with that being said you might take note that my disparaging remarks were aimed at a general populace and not directed at a particular individual nor did I hide behind a smug and arrogant perception of intellectual superiority. Thank you for your kind words. It is nice to be recognized by someone else who is clearly successful in thier organizational affliations. Best Regards, Jaime (not Jamie)

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