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Fiscal Discipline in DC

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, October 15, 2007

This morning I was reminiscing and licking my wounds once again over GOP local losses in the last election.  I began to wonder had I read anything about how deeply cut to the bone the grassroots GOP was last November.  I don’t think I have.  But I wondered if Howard County was cut that deeply surely other counties across the country were too.

Remember the Red and Blue map that shows by county how red and blue the country is?  I wonder how many shades of red we lost almost one year ago.

Then I got angry that the GOP leadership in Congress appointed the same clowns who ran amok on spending to the leadership positions again.  If I had a chance to ask the GOP presidential primary candidates a question it would be this.  What are you going to do to clear the party of numb skulls like those so the GOP can once again claim the mantle of fiscal responsibility.

Then I read this…  Bush raps Democrats on spending bills and thought to myself.  Isn’t it a little to late GW?  Granted Pelosi and Reid make it easier but even with those two in charge of the House and Senate not even GW is going to look fiscally conservative.

We need more than rhetoric.  We need action.  A lot of Republicans I speak to are just fed up and figure we can’t do any worse than the Democrats at this point.  While I agree with the sentiment and that our leadership has a lot to be desired we at the local level need to spur change.  We need to take control of the party.  Every GOP leader in DC is still sitting their asses into nice cushy warm chairs while thousands of dedicated, hard working, scandal free Republicans got tossed from office or lost a race because of those DC jerks.

Mr. President, I like you.  I don’t agree with everything you do.  And I do give you credit for allowing the GOP congress to run amok with my money.  If you think this is your chance to show your conservative fiscal credentials I have to say you are wrong.  You and the current GOP leadership have no credibility so don’t try to convince me.  It is too late.

To my GOP brothers and sisters.  A lot of people are telling me that the best thing that can happen to the GOP is to coalecese around an unpopular democratic presidential candidate – preferably Hilary.  Yeah, that would be nice.  Do you know what.  Forget Hilary for now.  What is necessary is to get our house in order first.  Get rid of the current leadership that put us here in the first place.  With these folks in charge we won’t be able to take back our party nor claim the mantle of fiscal conservatism.  On top of that the GOP candidate for President will not be able to fully claim the mantle of fiscal conservatism if these men remain in power.  Give the next Republican President a chance to act as a fiscal conservative by giving him leaders who will help him and not hinder him.

  • Minority Leader: Mitch McConnell (Kentucky)
  • Assistant Minority Leader (Minority Whip): Trent Lott (Mississippi)
  • Counselor to the Minority Leader: Robert Bennett (Utah)
  • Republican Conference Chairman: Jon Kyl (Arizona)
  • Republican Policy Committee Chairman: Kay Bailey Hutchison (Texas)
  • Republican Conference Vice Chair: John Cornyn (Texas)
  • Republican Campaign Committee Chair: John Ensign (Nevada)
  • Minority Leader: John Boehner (Ohio 8th)
  • Minority Whip: Roy Blunt (Missouri 7th)
  • Chief Deputy Minority Whip: Eric Cantor (Virginia 7th)
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    5 Responses to “Fiscal Discipline in DC”

    1. jim adams said

      Excellant posting David.

    2. General Zod said

      Fiscal disipline and basic conservative principles were sacrificed for power when the Republican party allowed the Chrisitan right and neo conservatives to hijack the party.

    3. cynthia vaillancourt said


    4. MBT said

      Thanks David – good to see we aren’t all forgotten!

    5. timactual said

      “A lot of Republicans I speak to are just fed up”

      There is a rule of thumb I have, after a lot of experience in restaurants, come to believe in. It is that for every person who complains, there are more who don’t bother to complain, they just don’t come back. I think those you have spoken to are just the tip of the iceberg (to coin a phrase).

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