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Free flu shots – comming to a traffic jam near you?

Posted by Ed C on Saturday, October 27, 2007

From the Baltimore Sun, Howard County offers free flu shots. The Howard County Heath Department is going to hold another flu shot clinic at Gateway Business Park on Sunday Nov 4th from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

I participated in this “emergency-preparedness” exercise last year. The article quotes waiting times last year were 90 minutes. Although I didn’t time it, I’d swear that I waited longer than that. The county is going to try to improve on that this year:

To cut waiting time, which last year was about 90 minutes, the county has separate vaccination sites for adults and families.

Police will direct traffic around Gateway Drive in the Gateway Business Park, off Route 175, which usually is empty on Sundays. Vehicles with adults will be directed to a parking lot at a building containing eight vaccination stations. Vehicles with families will be directed to another office building lot with 15 vaccination stations.

I really support using events like this as preparedness exercises. Last year showed they had some problems and it sound like they are going to address them. In the event of an true emergency like an avian flu out break or other biological event, the experience gained from these types of events could make a difference.

I’ve already received my shot this year, but I you haven’t received yours yet you may want to give this a try. You can’t beat the price and you get to help increase the county’s preparedness to boot.

I just wanted to ask a question that is related to emergency preparedness but is outside of the flu shot clinic.

When we design and build schools and other public buildings, does the county include previsions for converting them into shelters during emergencies?

It seems to me that adding provisions for mobile generators, and possibly heating and cooling units by adding “parking pads”, drive on access to large vehicles and the necessary utility connections would be relatively inexpensive if incorporated into the design and construction of a new building. Hopefully they would never be used, but if required they could make a big difference.


8 Responses to “Free flu shots – comming to a traffic jam near you?”

  1. bsflag2007 said

    I was at BJ’s Wholesale Club on Snowden Parkway earlier today (Saturday) and they had what appeared to be a very efficient flu shot production line going. I don’t know if it was free – but it was certainly moving along.

    Cindy V

  2. Re the slots issue, If they were here, I might enjoy playing them once in a while, but I would not miss them if they were not here. I don’t need the government, or anyone else to tell me whether or not I should play them.

    If slots come to pass, they should be managed by professionals who know how to manage them and not by a bunch of bureaucrats who know nothing about managing businesses, or even the Government of which they are supposedly charged with managing. If bureaucrats could manage, we would not have a $1.7 billion shortfall in our budget.

    The best way for the government to make any money on slots is to negotiate the best percentage of revenues they can through competitive bidding for the licenses.

    BTW, has anyone ever seen a P&L for the Lottery run by Maryland? With all the money the Lottery takes in, why are our schools still crying for more funds? Wasn’t the Lottery initiated to provide extra funding for schools?

    Bottom Line: Don’t let the Politico’s have access to any money, except that which can be accounted for down to the last penny!

  3. cynthia vaillancourt said

    point taken.

  4. Marta said

    Wrong spelling…it’s “coming” not comming.

  5. Bob said

    The politics is gathering money, taxes from citizens.

  6. Dee said

    We got our seasonal flu shots in Howard Co. today. We arrived at 9:15 and were leaving at 10:30.The lines were moving pretty well but as we were leaving we could see traffic backed up just getting to Gateway. I think they should have these clinics in each persons own county, this would help with the traffic problems that may arise. They should also extend the hours.

  7. when is there going to be another free flu shot clinic?
    I also need the swine flu shot.

  8. Maria Martinez said

    Could please tell me, when is the next Flu Shot date in November?? Thanks!!

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