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This is funny!

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, November 2, 2007

Governor O’Malley sent this out last night  Tell Them the Truth  

  • We can make Maryland’s tax system fairer for the middle class – by raising taxes on everything.  On one hand O’Malley wants to convince you he wants a fair income tax but he wants to pick your pocket on sales taxes.

  • We can reform taxes so most Maryland families pay less.

  • We need to repeal Ehrlich’s 58% property tax hike.  Smoke and mirrors.  Glendenning cut property taxes, Ehrlich raised them, O’Malley wants to give you a $.03 cut but raise everything else.  He is just being dishonest.

  • We should give 95% of Marylanders an income tax reduction which more than makes up for the one penny sales tax for most working families.  Sure it does.  Please show me the numbers?  Now what about chasing people over the line to Delaware and Virginia for big ticket purchases.  How much revenue is that going to cost us.

  • Why are they not talking about the gas tax increase?  More smoke and mirrors?  Del. Warren Miller explained the scheme so well in his newsletter to district 9a


Several problems exist here. Let me set the backdrop first. In years past, it was part of the legislative process for the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) to go before the legislature and make their request known and support it with empirical evidence in order to receive tax dollars for projects. Gov. O’Malley’s plan is an end run around this process. If Gov. O’Malley gets his way, the MDOT will no longer be subject to legislative scrutiny, nor will they be obligated to provide evidence to support their need for tax dollars. Gov. O’Malley wants to tie the gas tax to the cost of road construction (an index which grows faster than the CPI) and fund the Transportation Trust Fund. This is undermining a time tested and constitutionally sound process of accountability as well as legislative authority and process and turning it into a welfare system for Transportation Trust Fund without any supervision or accountability.  

Tell them: The Obstructionists are wrong  

  • We must move beyond partisan conflict to find consensus (So we are going to call our opponents obstructionists because we are not partisan).

  • We must restore fiscal responsibility and get our fiscal house in order once and for all.  (How about recognizing the problem that the General Assembly created – not Glendenning, Ehrlich or O’Malley – over spending and unfunded mandates.  They screwed us and now they want us to pay up.  They really have no regard for the people’s money.)

  • We must protect our investments in education, health care and public safety that are critical to the future of the state we leave our children.  (No S&&& Sherlock – go ahead tug at the heart strings.  Show me were we are falling short on any of these initiatives and why we need more money.)

  • We can accomplish this in a way that not only protects our competitive advantage with surrounding states, but is also fairer to the working people of Maryland. (What?  We are more heavily taxed than any of our neighboring states.  What the hell does this mean?)


Don’t be Fooled 

  • The obstructionists (remember they are not PARTISAN) helped hike taxes by over $3 billion on the middle class and hiked spending by 32% for the previous 4-year administration.  (So cut them and stop unfunded mandates, and cut spending).

  • The obstructionist plan would NOT solve the INHERITED STRUCTURAL DEFICIT. (Neither will yours – it is about unfunded mandates).

  • But, the obstructionists would cut hundreds of millions from priorities important to you – FOR EXAMPLE: $300 million from Education – $42 mil from Baltimore, $50 mil from Prince George’s, $22 million from Montgomery, $11.5 mil from Frederick, $5 mil from Calvert, $12 from Harford, and on and on and on… (Your point being that we should not cut spending – you also neglect to point out that they all get funding increases.  You only want to depict it as a cut because the increases are not as much as yours).

 They really must think people are stupid.  They claim to be non-partisan but the entire message is repleat with partisan slander and language.  They have one goal and one goal only – massive tax increases to solve a problem the General Assembly created years ago.  They don’t want to do the necessary things – like cut spending and bite into the pocket of their liberal/progressive supporters.  Why not, those folks will do everything they can to keep the democratic party in powere in Maryland.  We will have these problems for as long as they remain in power too.


12 Responses to “This is funny!”

  1. observer said

    You hit the nail on the head Mr. Keelan, about one third of this state’s population is very STUPID, another third is on O’Malley’s payroll, and the rest are probably Republicans. I don’t know how this guy can sleep at night knowing the actual harm he is going to cause Maryland families and the state. What about the children?????

  2. hocoterp said

    Stupid or not, O’Malley’s well on his way to winning this fight, if he hasn’t won already. He’s already convinced people that taxes need to be raised to prevent drastic cuts to essential services. We’ve got a great BS artist in the Governor’s Mansion because it’s not everyday you can convince people to say “raise my taxes.” It’s like the Reagan Revolution in reverse.

  3. observer said

    makes you wonder why we bother spending money on education in this state

  4. Watching and waiting ... said

    I’m with E.J. Pipkin. His idea is to put a check-off box on the Maryland tax return which allows those wish to pay additional taxes to do so to fund these additional programs.

    Certainly the liberal half of HOCO will participate. After all, they support the redistribution of wealth favored by the left.

    I for one will take a pass. Look out for the federal AMT next Spring.

  5. General Zod said

    Watching and Waiting:

    Taxation choice is nothing more than typical conservative rhetoric. Maybe the Republican party should come up with a model to win elections so they won’t have to resort to asinine comments such as those from E.J. Pipkin.

    Like it or not we are all in this together. You can always cut and run and move to Delaware.

  6. General Zod said

    Perhaps E.J. Pipkin can get Executive Ulman to endorse his proposed legislation.

    “This cost of delay budget that the governor has put forth is important to make this real. It’s very easy to be against tax increases in the abstract,” said Howard County Executive Ken Ulman.

    What the hell is “the abstract”? Is that the void of space between Ken UIman’s ears? How can he unconditonally support O’Malleys increases? At least that is what I gather from his quote.

    Maybe I’m wrong…

    If Ulman feels so strongly for the tax increases perhaps he wouldn’t mind paying more.

    What makes no sense to me is that we need tax increases along with slots? I thought slots were supposed to be the savior to our fiscal woes?

  7. Watching and waiting ... said

    general z

    Your attack is nothing more than typical liberal rhetoric. Try to come up with something original.

    No one “cuts and runs” here … enjoy your new life in Delaware.

    The voter registration in Maryland runs about 66% democrat. Given that about half of them are federal and state employees and are members of labor unions (what a concept – our employees in a union) and have no desire to gore their own ox there is little chance that the republicans can come up with a “model” to win elections. Howard County used to vote a little more conservatively, at least in the national races, until a bunch of us got gerrymandered into Elijah Cummings’ district in 2006. Ken Ulman is a long time kool aid drinker who apparently feels that he is entitled to spend my money and yours as he see fit.

  8. observer said

    Gen Zod, look at the waste in government and ask yourself the question. If they just froze spending for two years, no increases and no cuts, without any press, would anyone even notice? These tax increases aren’t the least bit necessary except for the Governor’s need to buy more votes with your tax dollars from special interest groups.

  9. Teri Deane said

    I’m a Realtor in Howard County and here’s what O’Malley’s tax plan will mean for homeowners/renters.

    This is an excerpt from my blog on


    Hello, hope everyone had a great (spooky) Halloween — me, I’m trying to avoid this dish of candy on my desk. . .

    Now for something REALLY S-C-A-R-Y!

    Maryland’s Governor O’Malley has proposed a tax on Property Management commissions (which for all the Realtors — is one step from a tax on our commissions — as if enough hands weren’t in our pockets already! Just an aside, if anyone thinks that real estate agents are rich beyond our wildest dreams they don’t understand how hard we work just to earn a reasonable living — it’s not easy money, folks!) Anyway, I digress. . .

    Here are some hard truths about this proposed new tax:

    –The extra cost of doing business will be passed onto the consumer, resulting in higher rents for the over 600,000 renters in the state. Maryland ia already the 7th most costly rental market in the U.S. (according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition).

    –Renters who make the average wage already spend 50% of thier income on fair market rents for a 2 BR apartment, which translates into families having to settle for cheaper units that do not meet their needs.

    –Homeowners who have a Homeowner’s Association and Condo Association wiil see higher dues if this legislation passes, since Property Management companies will also be subject to the tax.

  10. General Zod said

    I’m not disagreeing. Personally I feel the tax increases are unnecessary and a disgrace.

    However, I find E.J. Pipkens proposed legislation to be comical.

    We directly or indirectly benefit from government services so I think it would be a dangerous road to follow if our politicians allowed us to pay selective taxes towards programs of interest. Our leaders in Annapolis and Washington need to manage tax revenue as if it was their own check book because then I feel there would be a little more discipline. The problem is it’s a lot easier to spend someone elses scratch towards pet peeve projects and programs.

  11. confused said

    IF omalley’s property tax CUT would go thru at he proposed, (now dropped out) The counties say they would have to INCREASE their share.

    I am still questioning our representatives as to how they can even begin to adjust taxes, without going thru the budget to see where cuts could and should be made. How do they all seem to know exactly how much revenue is needed to run our government? Huh?, Huh, What’s that?

  12. Confused,

    Yep. Especially when the county has an escallating property tax revenue stream built in as a result of phased in property asessments, new construction, fully phased in assessments. They always bring in more property tax revenue than the project.

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